New Thrift Store Opens in Apex, NC

Peak City Thrift is now open in Apex, NC. The smallest thrift store in the area boasts a lot of variety and higher than average quality of items.

Apex, NC, August 18, 2013 --( Apex, NC opens its arms to a brand new thrift store in the Apex Village shopping center. Peak City Thrift makes its debut this week officially, showcasing their "this and that" philosophy. The store boasts 650 square feet of inventory space as a big advantage. Owner operator Jim Bennett, "The fact that we have a small space means that we have to be really selective about what we put out there on the sales floor. We like to keep a good mix of products, and we don't want to fill our shelves with products that would be fit for the trash."

Peak City Thrift is also an environmentally conscious store. "The key to thrifting is the positive impact on the environment. We keep perfectly usable items out of our landfills, which these days is very important," says Mr. Bennett. Peak City Thrift is very selective with the items they stock for sale, but they are also responsible with recycling their unwanted items, sending the items that do not meet their standards to other area thrift stores such as Goodwill and local artisans who may use the items for art projects.

An interesting twist in the way Peak City Thrift does business, is that their customers can negotiate the price of their items. Items are priced, but they see that as a starting point for negotiations. "Our pricing is what we believe is a good, fair price and a start to the haggling process. Our idea with the 'Please Haggle' policy initially started as a way to make sure that we serve the less fortunate in our community. We want to make sure that every customer can leave feeling like our store is affordable to their budget. We are here to serve everybody in the community, we don't want to just focus on the big spenders, like some of the bigger retail chains do," Jim Bennett says.

Peak City Thrift is located at 530 East Williams St. in Apex, NC in the Apex Village Shopping Plaza. Visit them online at for hours and contact information.
Peak City Thrift
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