New Report: Demystifying Social Business for Customer Service by Constellation Research

Pragmatic advice on how organizations should get started on their social business initiatives for service and support teams.

San Francisco, CA, August 21, 2013 --( Constellation Research, Inc. the research and advisory firm focused on helping organizations apply emerging technologies to disrupt business models today announced the publication of "Demystifying Social Business: Optimizing the Issue to Resolution Process (Support and Service)” by Constellation Principal Analyst and CEO, R “Ray” Wang. This research report provides pragmatic advice on how organizations should get started on their social business initiatives for service and support teams.

This report reveals:
- How social business adoption has moved from experimentation to evangelization
- Why use cases provide the entry point for successful social business adoption
- What are the seven key use cases for support and service in the issue to resolution business processes
- Which personas of disruptive technology adoption matches your organization’s culture?
- How can leaders start with a social business suite or platform to succeed in support and service initiatives.

Constellation Research pioneered the complete set of front office and back office use cases for social business in 2010. This report focuses on the issue to resolution mega-use case, which addresses internal- and external-facing use cases. Internal use cases include knowledge base creation, support escalation and support resolution. External-facing use cases include agent escalation, peer-based support, reactive support and predictive support. These use cases should provide a starting point for mapping out the service and support journey.

Social business initiatives have gained acceptance as a key driver in business innovation. Since 2010, organizations have experimented and successfully deployed social business initiatives across a variety of business processes. In Constellation’s recent 2013 survey of 237 social business adopters, more than a majority (57.8 percent) of the market leaders and fast follower respondents had moved from experimentation to scaling to match demand. This trend signifies the successful growth of social business across a number of use cases.

“Issue to resolution is a very common use case among our market leader and fast follower clientele. Cautious adopters and laggards should consider issue to resolution as a key entry point into a well defined and business value oriented social business use case,” noted R “Ray” Wang.

This report fits into Constellation’s business-focused research themes: Next-Generation Customer Experience and the Consumerization of IT & The New C-Suite. A related Constellation Academy Workshop is available on Demystifying Social Business.

The Report
"Demystifying Social Business: Optimizing the Issue to Resolution Process (Support and Service)” can be found here:

About R "Ray" Wang
R "Ray" Wang is the Principal Analyst and CEO at Constellation Research, Inc. He's also the author of the popular enterprise software blog "A Software Insider’s Point of View". Ray's a prominent keynote speaker and research analyst working with clients on innovation, business model design, engagement strategies, customer experience, matrix commerce, and big data. He advises Global 2000 companies on business strategy and technology selection. More information about R "Ray" Wang here:

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