Labor Day Approaching Signals Call to Action for Job-Seekers

With Labor Day and the unofficial end of summer approaching, now is the perfect time for job-seekers to tune up their job-hunting and workplace skills.

Kettle Falls, WA, August 21, 2013 --( Back to school? More like back to job-hunting for many people, according to leading career site Quintessential Careers.

"It's always a good idea to work on improving your job-hunting skills, even if you are not actively seeking a new job," states Quintessential Careers founder Dr. Randall Hansen, adding: "And for those job-seekers actively seeking a new job, the fall offers one of the best times to find new employment."

Quintessential Careers provides the answers to all the following questions with several new article and features:

What's the best method to prepare for job interviews? What strategies can job-seekers use to sell their candidacy to employers? What types of questions can job-seekers expect in job interviews? What types of questions should job-seekers ask in interviews? How can job-seekers wow employers in the interview? Why are post-interview thank-you notes important?

Career expert, author, and creative director at Quintessential Careers Dr. Katharine Hansen offers an innovative approach -- the TARZO Job Interview Sales Process for Job-Seekers -- to help job-seekers sell themselves in the interview. URL:

Another article, by Dr. Randall Hansen, discusses five ways and tactics to assure job-seekers have a successful interview. URL:

Also new to the site is a question-and-answer feature with interviewing and career expert Vicky Oliver, author of <i>301 Smart Answers to Tough Interview Questions</i>. URL:

Oliver also adds to the featured content with an article designed to help recently hired workers avoid common blunders, such as arriving late, using social media, correcting a supervisor, and sharing inappropriate humor. URL:

Finally, there is also an article for those college students heading back to campus -- stressing the need to gain as much experience as possible while in school. The article lists multiple ways that students can gain additional experiences, skills, and accomplishments to help beef up their resumes.

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