GoMo Detox Tea: The World's First Hangover Tea Launched This Week

GoMo Detox Tea launched Monday, 8/19/13, on CrowdSupply. www.gomodetox.com

West Hollywood, CA, August 21, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Monday, a new company launched that presents to the world the first hangover detox tea: GoMo Detox Tea.

As many people have discovered, even the tiniest of hangovers can be more vicious than when they were younger. "Only time, and a truckload of IV fluids, will heal all wounds. Hangovers among them. What if one could reduce the time spent in recovery? GoMo Detox Tea was developed to do just that," says Courtney Walker, Founder and CEO of GoMo Detox Teas.

"GoMo was born out of a desire to find the best hangover 'cures' that were all-natural and not to be found on two a.m. infomercials. I also love tea and considered that with all of the cleansing, stomach soothing and mental awareness properties that teas contain, what if I put together a blended tea to help speed up hangover recovery?" says Walker. "We decided to launch on CrowdSupply, with a low goal level, because all of our research and development had been done. We were nearly ready to ship the product. We wanted to use crowdfunding to help find the best practices, for our company, in customer acquisition and customer service."

After a number of tea and supplement formulations and prototypes, a perfect formulation GoMo Detox Tea was found. Years of experience as an athlete, studying the effects of supplements through research, self-testing and biohacking helped Courtney create the proprietary formulas for GoMo Detox Tea line. “GoMo” is a play on both Good Mood - which you will be in after it takes effect; and Go More - which the team at GoMo knows you'll be doing more quickly after drinking the tea.

GoMo Detox Tea is currently sold exclusively online. The custom crafted tea and supplement blend is available in a sampler pack for $8 to a large reseller pack for $210 at http://bit.ly/gomodetox.
GoMo Detox Tea
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