Ingallina’s Box Lunch Kicks Off the New Season with New Website

Seattle, WA, August 23, 2013 --( At Ingallina’s Box Lunch the upcoming change of seasons brings more than just a change in weather. “We tend to get really busy with the start of the school season. Everyone is done with their summer vacations and meetings go into high gear!” New fall flavours kick off the beginning of the holiday season. “We have Halloween coming up, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas. These are busy events for us,” says Zsanali Moore, Director of Promotion and Marketing. “The new website is just the beginning!”

The promotion and marketing department is in full gear, coming up with new fall recipes, Halloween treats, and holiday gifts. “We like to come up with new party platter options for all of the upcoming meetings and get-togethers.” This involves creating basic recipes, then testing and modifying them to be as fresh and delicious as possible when they land on the conference room table. Other factors determine the success or failure of a new recipe “We have come up with the best recipes, only to have it not work in the office or meeting setting. No one wants onion breath or sticky hands when trying to get their work done!”

Meanwhile, another crew is busy creating the holiday gift baskets. “Each year we evaluate the contents of our baskets and decide what people liked, and what can be improved.” Local companies are researched to find the finest quality items. Samples of goodies are given throughout the office. “I like to get everyone’s opinion, and see what items continue to be getting talked about,” says Nicole Anderson, Assistant Director of Promotion and Marketing. The final products are chosen, and gift baskets are assembled, with holiday music in the background, of course.

After coming up with the perfect menu, it is time to let everyone know about the new offering. Pictures are taken, menus are mailed out, and new items are put on the website. “The website is huge for us. It is a place where people can look at what we have to offer: great food, great customer service, and convenience.”

In celebration of the fall kickoff, Ingallina’s has revamped their website. “We wanted it to look more consistent with the look and feel of Ingallina’s,” says Joyce Matson, COO. The new website has the traditional Ingallina’s red and yellow theme. “We are also working on updating all of our pictures. It is important to us to convey the freshness and the quality of our foods.”

The new website continues to offer some of the customer’s favorite features. The ability to sign up for an account allows customers to save delivery addresses, and access previous invoices for reference or accounting purposes. Printable menus let buyers share the menu with all meeting attendees. And don’t forget to check out the history of Ingallina’s Box Lunch under the “about us” tab.
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