Jay Lacny of MyKidisSafe Announces Closure

Jay Lacny of MyKidisSafe, LLC announces closure of company.

San Diego, CA, August 23, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Jay Lacny, CEO of MyKidisSafe, LLC says that all members of the LLC have decided to close down operations due to a failure to bring software products to market.

Jay Lacny had partnered with a company of approximately 120 programmers in Pune, India for several years to bring to develop these products but they failed to deliver marketable products.

MyKidisSafe, LLC was developing mobile applications for kids phones that included, blocking texting while driving, monitoring texts for keywords with sexual, drug or alcohol related content, blocking phone use while at school during non-break hours, scanning photos for nude images, monitoring for cyberbullying both inbound and outbound, and allowing a parent to restrict any calls in or out of the phone except the parents or others on a safe list.

The contact management software was designed for the mortgage and real estate industries.

Jay Lacny states, "While we were some of the first to conceptualize the idea of child safety on a mobile device and development of industry specific contact manger, we've learned a valuable lesson that it is important to have the right technology partner to create a marketable product."

For more information on this contact Jay Lacny: jaylacny@gmail.com or www.linkedin.com/jaylacny
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