Inspiration and Exploration Fuel V-Suites Housing Website by Social Forces

There's more to a new home search than just beds and bathrooms. With their new website for temporary housing provider V-Suites, Social Forces seeks to embrace the spirit of adventure that comes with a big move, while exuding concierge-level service.

Tampa, FL, August 23, 2013 --( Short-term housing provider V-Suites promises renters a place that "Feels Like Home," and with interactive agency Social Forces’ help, the official website gives visitors a taste of their home-away-from home before ever arriving. The website, conceived as a digital concierge for long-term apartment-hunters, offers a sleek design that exudes modernity, with easy navigation and intuitive search features, encouraging exploration while visiting.

“When we approached the V-Suites website, we wanted to create something that stood out from the crowd visually,” says Adam Nerland, Social Forces Interactive Director. “Because V-Suites specializes in physical spaces, we felt it was important to feature immersive photography to make users feel that they were experiencing a real-life place.”

V-Suites’ homepage welcomes visitors with a photo of a tastefully designed, well-lit living room. Text asks, “Where are you headed?” above a search bar, a portal to immediate discovery. If apartment-seekers aren't sure where they’re headed, clicking “Property Locations” on the ever-present tab above takes them to an interactive map of the United States.

The map is a simple, at-a-glance tool that shows potential residents all of the states where V-Suites maintains properties. Clicking on one of the states will bring them down for a closer look at the specific V-Suites locations in that state.

“It’s very stimulating and different,” says Kris Solberg, Social Forces Account Strategist. “It will grab people’s attention and make them want to interact with it, which is unlike many other websites in the industry.”

Each location page features vibrant photography and descriptions of both the city and property in consideration. As usual, amenities for the property are listed, but so are things to do near that location. These destination descriptions give potential renters an idea of what life could be like in each area.

“This inclusion of destination descriptions makes the experience much more fun,” Solberg says, “and if potential residents are having fun, it’s much more likely for them to become an actual resident.”

It’s also much more likely for someone to become a customer if they stick around exploring a brand’s website. These informative descriptions and photos not only cause web-surfers to linger, but cause them to mentally link V-Suites with the topic in question, in this case temporary housing, further reinforcing a potential-resident to seriously consider V-Suites over competitors.

The site’s handy search functionality isn’t limited to location, either. Amenities can also be searched, quickly and easily narrowing potential housing options for visitors, optimizing the user-experience.

The site utilizes a highly customized implementation of the powerful open-source content management system WordPress, giving the V-Suites team the support of a worldwide developer community with the distinction of a custom-built site.

“Our clients can change, add, and improve the website as they need to, quickly and easily,” Nerland says.

"Social Forces met our expectations and went far above. This website is everything our team dreamed of having in our online presence," said Barbara Hale, Assistant Vice President of V-Suites. "It truly brings our brand vision to the web."

The new V-Suites website can be viewed live on the web at

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