Adbot Announces Special Discount Plans for New Clients

Delhi, India, August 25, 2013 --( Adbot offers special discount on its social media marketing services packages for all new customers, targets new customer acquisition from USA and Europe.

Social Media Expert Adbot has recently announced a special discount plan for all of its new customers. Those customers who will be availing the social media marketing services from the company will be offered this special discount. This offer is only applicable for new customers.

Mahesh Dwivedi, owner and CEO of Adbot, spoke to the media during the launch of the plan, "We are very pleased to announce this plan for all our new clients on a worldwide basis. We are looking to expand as rapidly as possible and as an extra initiative we are offering this special discount to all our new clients. The rates were already very competitive and with this further discount we think we are offering the lowest possible rates among our competitors."

However, rate is not the only thing to consider when selecting a social media agency for a company. The company must have excellent track record of serving precious customers satisfactorily. Social media marketing also required the company to convert the social media traffic into actual buyers. Seemingly, Adbot is having a good support from its previous activities as the company ha a good record among all its competitors and sometimes Adbot's record looks better than most of them. However, when asked Mr Dwivedi explained "It is not not only about costing, you must look at what we have done and are doing constantly for our clients. We have served millions of Google ads and Facebook ads and the CTR we are enjoying is beyond the imagination of many of our competitors. We are delivering solutions since when many of them were not even in existence."

Adbot is serving to a global customer base which is expanding quickly and the company has a thriving domestic base of clients in India as well. The growth in revenue and customer count the company has seen in the recent past also certify that the company is winning trust of the clients very soon which is presumably through the excellent quality of performance it is displaying. With such level of performance and this even reduced pricing it is expected that the company will attract even more customers from all over the world.

Based in New Delhi, India, Adbot is a social media agency delivering cutting edge solutions in social media advertisement and with over a hundred clients from all over the world. The company is half a decade old and has served millions of Google ads, Facebook ads and Yahoo ads with a very high CTR.
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