Nutrition Pit Releases New Better Bodies Designs

Parkersburg, WV, August 28, 2013 --( Nutrition Pit has just announced they have released new designs of Better Bodies Clothing. The Better Bodies clothing line has been rising in popularity for its notoriety in the fitness community as having the perfect fit, looking great and providing the functionality that is necessary to push through any challenging workout session, whether it is on the track or in the gym.

Better Bodies has been created in response to the growing demand of fitness enthusiasts that want their exercise clothing to look good enough to wear outside of the gym but provides the range of motion and functionality of traditional sweat clothes. Exercisers need clothing that is worth the investment and won’t tear or stretch, and absorbs perspiration, for maximum levels of comfort. Better Bodies recognized this need in the industry and has created a line of clothing that encompasses all of the average fitness enthusiasts wants and needs in their high-end fitness apparel.

Nutrition Pit sells Better Bodies clothing from their storefront in West Virginia and on their virtual store through their website. The company releases new designs of Better Bodies as soon as they have been released to provide their customers with the latest fitness fashions and one of the largest selections of this clothing line in the industry. Nutrition Pit also has GASP Clothing in stock, another rising star in the fitness apparel market.

Nutrition Pit also sells a wide variety of supplements and apparel for body builders and athletes. The supplements help to maximize the effort in the gym in between workouts. Customers can find a wide selection of supplements and bodybuilding clothing through searches and categories. The team at Nutrition Pit is always available to answer questions and make recommendations to help achieve the best physique and health for their customers.

Nutrition Pit can be contacted directly with questions and inquiries about their products, including Better Bodies clothing.

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