Author and TV Host Doug Kaufmann Praises Newly Released Book, MOLD: The War Within, in National Health Food Store Magazine, Healthy Living

Health-focused individuals nationwide learn of the highly acclaimed book, MOLD: The War Within, from author and TV host Doug Kaufman who writes in this month’s Healthy Living Magazine, “I can’t remember the last book I read that I just couldn’t put down, but then I have a strange weakness for books that talk about mold, mildew, yeast and fungi causing disease and death . . . and there aren’t too many of those around yet. MOLD: The War Within is such a book.”

Gatlinburg, TN, September 09, 2007 --( Health food store customers may now request of their local health food stores to order and stock the much-sought-after book, MOLD: The War Within, which is receiving praise from national mold and health experts across the country. New York Times Best-selling author Doris Rapp, MD, who has spent decades treating children and adults sick and debilitated from mold and chemical exposures states, “The book MOLD: The War Within by Kurt and Lee Ann Billings is truly outstanding. . . . They have written the ultimate ‘Why and How To’ book that confirms the devastating changes that can occur in health and lives because of extensive exposure to molds, formaldehyde (in trailers), and other harmful pollutants. . . . This book offers practical realistic help and suggestions so others who have been hurt will know what to do and where to go for the help and assistance they need."

Doug Kaufman, TV host of Know the Cause, has encouraged viewers for years to uncover the cause of an illness—not just treat the symptoms. Unfortunately, the cause of illnesses induced from environmental factors such as mold and chemicals are often overlooked by traditional medical doctors. Misdiagnoses and mistreatments not only can result, but are quite common.

MOLD: The War Within has opened the information highway in regard to mold and chemical exposures and resultant illnesses and diseases. The book provides scientific and medical documentation that shreds the medical misconceptions that “mold cannot make you sick.” Not only will readers find out that mold can make you sick, but they will get a valuable medical education from reading MOLD: The War Within. In fact, Roby D. Mitchell, MD, states, “Every health care professional needs to read this book and understand its implications.” Rebecca Carley, MD, further echoes Dr. Mitchell’s sentiments regarding the book MOLD: The War Within. She states, “In my opinion, this book should be required reading for all medical students.”

Health Food Stores, drug stores, and other retail book outlets can now wholesale order MOLD: The War Within. For wholesale pricing, call Partners Publishing LLC today at 865-963-6507.

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