Bühler Cracks Almonds Double Trouble with Ease

SORTEX optical sorters pioneer innovative technology solution to resolve the problem of “doubles” in almonds.

London, United Kingdom, August 30, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Bühler, a global leader in optical sorting, has strengthened its prominent position as the primary technology partner of choice in nut processing, with the announcement that their highly respected SORTEX technology can effectively remove doubles from almonds (when two kernels are found in one shell). This is achieved using pioneering technology with pinpoint accuracy that delivers to required grade specifications, while also removing multiple defects and foreign materials.

The perennial challenge of automatically sorting almonds to the highest specification possible means many nut processors resort to labour intensive hand sorting to remove the doubles from their natural almond product. But with labour costs rising and throughputs increasing, the adoption of Bühler’s SORTEX almond sorting solution can have a significant impact on a processor’s efficiency and profitability.

“We are the only company that can provide an efficient technology solution for removing doubles from almonds, to the required standard,” explained Rio Rafael, Bühler’s sales manager for almonds in the USA. “Using hand sorting, it can sometimes take companies days to reduce doubles, to meet the required grade specifications, but with SORTEX technology, this time is reduced dramatically.”

To achieve this technologically advanced solution for almond sorting, Bühler has drawn on its wide range of experience in inspection system technologies, such as broad spectrum lighting, high-resolution bi-chromatic cameras, InGaAs and PROfile technology. This combination of technologies ensures the highest level of detection and removal of challenging defects and foreign material, including doubles.

As well as removing doubles, SORTEX optical sorting technology can handle multiple defects. These can include chipped, scratched, split, broken, discoloured, decayed or mouldy nuts, nuts damaged by insects, or nuts that are too dissimilar from each other. Furthermore, SORTEX optical sorters can remove foreign materials, including fragments of shell, hulls, stones, plastics and glass, and can even separate different almond varieties and if required grade by size too.

“SORTEX technology offers exceptional accuracy and has been stringently tested by almond processors globally. In some instances, doubles may represent as much as 30% of the incoming raw material,” said Willy Razo, Bühler Applications, USA Almonds and Walnuts. “Running at a capacity of 5,433kg (12,000lbs) per hour, SORTEX optical sorters can output almonds that are well within grade, after just one to three passes.”

Bühler is committed to further innovation to help its customers improve productivity and lower their processing costs through innovative optical sorting applications for nut processing. As nut processors seek to adopt more advanced, cost-effective and energy efficient processes, the demand for Bühler’s leading optical sorting solutions will continue to grow.
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