Free Notes… Free Money… Easy A

Indianapolis, IN, September 08, 2007 --( Since the dawn of this recent computer savvy generation of college students, the internet has been begging for a way for students to access a wealth of information about their individual classes completely free of charge. Creator and founder, Ryan Sapp, a sophomore at the University of Dayton, has offered just that through is an innovative way for students to upload the notes they take during class lectures. These notes are then categorized by university, class, professor, and meeting times, making the site extremely user friendly. The notes are then accessible by all members of the site to download and review. One user said, “It is like having a group of study buddies 24/7.” Ryan wanted to make the site accessible to everyone so he worked hard to ensure that membership and access to posting would be completely free to all users.

Initially Ryan considered what it is that would make students want to post. He realized with the influx of online purchasing, offering students free Amazon e-certificates to post quality notes would be perfect. Not only would it satisfy his need for acceptable material, it would also satisfy the students’ desire for free stuff.

The site is especially useful for sick days. Unlike work, students can’t call in. However, with, students are able to download notes from the missed lecture and not miss a beat. It is also helpful for alarms that don’t go off (or aren’t heard), traffic or emergency family situations, and those rough Monday mornings that prevent many students from attending their morning classes.

The site is set to unveil on September 8 at University of Dayton’s FielDay event. Ryan and his staff are looking forward to the event and plan to promote the site in other cities in Indiana and Ohio in the near future. For more information about the site or advertising opportunities, e-mail to or give them a call at 317-577-4995.

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