Healthy Newton - A Six Week Group Nutrition Class with Danielle Prestejohn, CHHC, MS

Healthy Newton is a seasonal, six-week group class dedicated to supporting women who want to live healthier lives through optimal nutrition, mindset shifts, and exercise.

Newton, MA, September 03, 2013 --( Each class is 1 hour and will cover...

Week 1 - Nutrition Foundations, Bio-Individuality, and a 14-Day Cleanse

Week 2 - Healthy Cooking at Home: Meal Prep & Planning on a Budget

Week 3 - Everyday Healthy Eating & Information on Supplements
Week 4 - Grocery Store Field Trip

Week 5 - Emotional Eating and Stress & Uncommon Ways to Lose Weight

Week 6 - Eating Out, Travel, and Your Real World Healthy Eating Blueprint

After the class, you will...

- Sleep more deeply and live with more energy.

- Confidently navigate the grocery store and make better decisions for you and your family.
- Know how to banish the “When in Rome!” travel mindset and maintain healthy eating habits.

- Have done a cleanse without starving yourself or wanting to eat every food in sight.
- Be able to cook healthy meals at home without spending an arm and a leg or hours in the kitchen.

Classes will begin on Wednesday October 2nd in Newton, MA and enrollment is open now.

Enrollment ends September 25th, 2013. Sign up by emailing
Danielle Prestejohn Nutrition
Danielle Prestejohn