Ed Meierkort Back in the Coaching Saddle

Meierkort joins ASC as a mentor, advisor and speaker, helping student-athletes find scholarships and college offers.

Celebration, FL, August 31, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Ed Meierkort comes to Athletic Scholarship Corporation with decades of sports experience at all college program levels. But he also brings something else: recent personal experience.

He recently went through the process of finding the right school for his baseball-playing son and says that experience makes him even more attuned to how to help parents and their student-athletes navigate the tricky waters of college sports programs.

“I’ve done this my whole life and I was overwhelmed,” Meierkort said. “It can really be a headache if you don’t know what you’re doing.”

Meierkort comes to ASC after a lifetime spent in the sports world. A baseball and football player, he spent more than 20 years as the head football coach at the University of South Dakota.

In all, he’s spent more than 35 years working at every level in various college athletics programs. He will advise and mentor parents and student-athletes.

“I can provide expert evaluation of what the students and parents should be doing and what the recruiters want to see and what they don’t want to see,” Meierkort said.

What they want to see, he said, are well-rounded athletes. There are plenty of talented athletes out there, so the student-athletes who want to stay ahead of the pack need to show poise on and off the field, confidence, and some academic prowess.

And what do recruiters put at the top of their “no no” list?

“Putting themselves in compromising situations,” Meierkort said, referring to athletes who make dubious decisions about their Facebook and Twitter posts. “I tell them to stay off social networking.”

In short, Meierkort said he understands that student-athletes and parents need to “think like a coach” to understand what is important to coaches who are recruiting top-level athletes for their program.

Aside from the nitty gritty, Meierkort said the most important thing student-athletes and parents can learn from him is the essential “go where you belong” message. He said that parents tend to jump when one college shows interest, but there could be a better fit down the road.

“(I can) help them make sure they belong where they are going,” he said. Meierkort said one of the biggest mistakes an inexperienced recruiter can make is to extend an offer to an athlete who isn’t a good fit for the school. Once the student-athlete discovers that it’s not a good fit, “he will leave,” Meierkort said, causing problems for the student, recruiter and the sports program at that college.

Meierkort’s high-level sports experience is coupled with a firm understanding of what students and parents need to be doing to achieve the shared goal of receiving college offers.

ASC founder and CEO AJ Hodel is excited to add him to the staff.

“We welcome Ed to our growing family of current and former coaches,” Hodel said. “He brings a wealth of knowledge that will help our clients avoid making costly mistakes. His experience in various sports at a high level will provide the expertise we seek in Florida and on our national tour of seminars.”

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