Integrative Medicine for Appetite Control: Binge Eating, Obesity, and Anorexia

Dr. James Greenblatt, M.D., will be presenting on Integrative Medicine for Appetite Control at the 4th Annual Integrative Medicine for Mental Health Conference in Chicago, IL, September 20-22, 2013.

Lenexa, KS, September 01, 2013 --( Drawing from both research and extensive clinical experience, Dr. Greenblatt will discuss the neurological and psychological aspects of appetite and evidence-based strategies to help patients achieve and maintain healthy eating behavior. Dr. Greenblatt will also review the role of nutrition in appetite control, particularly focusing on amino acids and how effective application of amino acids as neurotransmitter precursors, vitamin and mineral cofactors, and phytonutrients, allow cooperative support for critical neurotransmitter pathways that influence hunger, satiety, and mood. Important trace minerals and vitamins such as magnesium and B12 that are critical for appetite regulation will also be discussed.

Attendees will be able to identify nutritional deficiencies and imbalances present in obsessive compulsive disorder, and learn how elevated peptide levels may exacerbate OCD and anxiety disorder symptoms. Lastly, attendees will take away practical solutions on how to determine the most effective tests for evaluating nutritional deficiencies and identifying potential environmental triggers.

A pioneer in the field of integrative medicine, James M. Greenblatt, MD, has treated patients with mood disorders and complex eating disorders since 1988. An acknowledged integrative medicine expert, Dr. Greenblatt has lectured throughout the United States on the scientific evidence for nutritional interventions in psychiatry and mental illness.

His books, Answers to Anorexia and The Breakthrough Depression Solution, draw on his many years of experience and expertise in integrative medicine while treating patients with eating and mood disorders. Dr. Greenblatt's knowledge in the areas of biology, genetics, psychology, and nutrition as they interact in the treatment of mental illness has led to numerous interviews by the media on television as well as in written articles for consumer audiences.

Dr. Greenblatt is the Founder and Medical Director of Comprehensive Psychiatric Resources, a private integrative psychiatric practice. Dr. Greenblatt also serves as the Medical Director of Eating Disorder Services at Walden Behavioral Care in Waltham, MA. After receiving his medical degree and completing his psychiatry residency at George Washington University, Dr. Greenblatt went on to complete a fellowship in child and adolescent psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Medical School. Dr. Greenblatt is an author of Answer to Anorexia and The Breakthrough Depress Solutions as well as an acknowledged integrative medicine expert and speaker.

He is currently working on his third book on binge eating and bulimia, set to be published in 2013.

Integrative Medicine for Mental Health supports a whole body approach, utilizing multiple fields of medicine and nutritional sciences to help patients obtain mental wellness. The integrative approach includes metabolic testing, nutritional therapies, dietary interventions, and traditional medical treatments. Practical applications and effective protocols will be presented and can be easily applied in a clinical setting. The concepts and practical guidelines presented at this conference can dramatically improve the quality of life of practitioners and patients.

Date: September 20-22, 2013
Location: Chicago, IL

CE/CME/CEU credits available
Integrative Medicine for Mental Health
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