News Launch - WigiLeaks.Org - Exposing the Worlds Worst Hair and Wigs

Dedicated to exposing bad hairstyles, form & style, WigiLeaks provides a secure and anonymous portal for the public to leak information & photos of politicians and celebrities caught looking bad.

Los Angles, CA, September 08, 2013 --( WigiLeaks is dedicated to exposing the bad hairstyles and wigs of the world's most powerful people. The goal is to publish news and information that embarrasses those that are on the wrong side of history. They provide a secure and anonymous portal for the public to leak information and photos of politicians and celebrities caught looking bad. WigiLeaks intends to publish original content such as news, articles or inside stories so readers can see how the truth really looks.

How it Works :

WigiLeaks, like other media outlets conducting investigative journalism, accepts anonymous sources of information. Unlike other websites, authors and references can be made public if the source requests. Sources and references will be investigated by a WigiLeaks moderator and may or may not be included in the story, article or news. They do not censor your news but they reserve the right to delay, edit or remove content if it proves to be incorrect or irrelevant.

Why this is Important :

The founders believe that in order to keep the media and world honest, publishing the truth is crucial. WigiLeaks does not advertise and does not accept donations and simply wants to publish original content to show "important" people how they really are. The content will be viewed by some as damaging or embarrassing; but it is necessary because no one should take themselves too seriously.

Some Quotes from a WigiLeaks Moderator :

"The mainline media does not want the world to see big players caught off guard in bad hair; they clean up appearances, photoshop images and show an antiseptic side of the important stories of the day. By contributing to WigiLeaks you are providing balance to the world's perception of our leaders and celebrities. Nothing says this better than exposing bad hair, form and style."

If you would like to contribute, please visit the WigiLeaks homepage for additional details and contact information.
Michael Alexander