Campaign Launched to End Stand Your Ground Laws

A new grassroots movement has launched a website and a video to campaign across America for the repeal of stand your ground laws.

Metairie, LA, September 04, 2013 --( The Tampa Bay Times reports that over 200 cases involving the "stand-your-ground law" have evolved in Florida since the law took effect there, including the Trayvon Martin shooting.

A new non-profit grassroots movement has launched a website and a video campaign across America, calling for the repeal of stand-your-ground laws, which changed the Castle Doctrine in over 21 states.

The website, is intended to advocate, educate, inform, network, and help sustain the movement. The video campaign highlights several cases (including Martin's) involving stand-your-ground, where unarmed Florida citizens were killed.

The internet activism campaign is also conducting an online survey of how people feel about the controversial laws. There are also plans to coordinate with other supporters to deliver a unified stand against stand-your-ground through boycotts, petitions, as well as other means to gain support and convince state lawmakers to repeal stand-your-ground laws.

"In the Unites States, under the Castle Doctrine, a legal citizen who is not a felon has every right to bear arms and defend himself, his family, and property, yet stand-your-ground offers an opportunity for the law to be abused or manipulated," said the campaign director, Wayne Filmore. "This is not a fight against gun rights, it's against flawed laws which allow someone to kill at will, then manipulate the law to avoid jail."
Campaign To End Stand Your Ground
Wayne Filmore