ConfirmByEmail Has Become Canada’s First Brandable Online Communication Provider

ConfirmByEmail’s Customer Communication and Online Marketing Platform is now open to resellers to brand it under their own name.

Calgary, Canada, September 05, 2013 --( This week ConfirmByEmail, announced their latest product version with advancement in appointment reminders and online marketing. Along with this release comes the ability for ConfirmByEmail’s partners to brand this version with their own logo and name.

Brandable web services is not a new concept. Google has been offering such ability with their cloud services for a few years. However, this the first time a online communication and marketing provider service has offered this within Canada.

Branding is a method of allowing third-parties to resell software under their own name. This greatly benefits the partner by increasing their service offerings without having to create a full product from scratch.

This news comes with much excitement to many software development companies that have been under pressure by their customers to provide automated email and text message appointment reminders, among other features. ConfirmByEmail’s partners have access to all features that ConfirmByEmail offer.

“Every successful company specializes in something. It is thrilling to be able to work with other companies to create an even better solution for their customers,” said Cameron Chenier, ConfirmByEmail President.

Mr. Chenier continues, “the brandability keeps our partners competitive while not having to incur the major costs of creating such a platform themselves.”

As more web services become available we are seeing a trend of the interconnectability and partnering that ConfirmByEmail is offering today. This progression is showing an increased rate of product development. In the end it is customers that are benefiting from powerful, feature rich, software services.

What do you think of combining services from multiple companies to create one product?

Reseller’s may start applying for partnership starting September 1st, 2013

More information about ConfirmByEmail’s partnership opportunities can be found at or by calling 1-888-817-3044

About ConfirmByEmail
ConfirmByEmail has been created by industry insiders to automate tedious communication tasks and increase customer satisfaction through email and text messaging. Canadian designed, owned and operated, ConfirmByEmail provides small businesses with effective and simple to use tools. ConfirmByEmail is a total communication solution including appointment reminders, Realtime recall reminders, patient reactivation, customer reviews and automated online marketing.

Contact: Cameron Chenier 1-888-817-3044
Cameron Chenier