New Hand-Selected Granite for Counters Now Available Through Granite Imports, Inc.

Denver, CO, September 06, 2013 --( Denver, Colorado-based natural stone suppliers Granite Imports, Inc. have announced the addition of several new options to their offering of more than 300 granite slabs for fabrication of kitchen counters. Some of the new granite slabs are actually a resurrection of granite from quarries that shut down production during the economic downturn. Past unique favorites like “Café Azul” from Central Australia are back in supply and the demand is surely going to be popular again for kitchen counter fabricators looking for unique material to offer residential and commercial customers.

Choosing granite slabs through local suppliers can be a complicated and risky process. There are many factors to consider when investing in granite for kitchen counters, bathroom vanities and other applications. For example, how much experience does the fabricator have in selecting high quality materials? In most scenarios, the end user will choose a slab based on color and price, not knowing that color is only one factor in a quality slab of granite. Many lessor suppliers buy slabs based purely on price that are “doctored” with resin and artificial coloring to make them appear to be a higher grade than they actually are. Eventually the resin starts to fade, leaving the unknowing end user dissatisfied and stuck with an inferior product.

Where customers should pay attention is if the price of a fabricated piece of granite is cheaper than anywhere else, they should start asking questions like where does the fabricator source their materials? The answers to such questions can help homeowners decide on whether a granite fabricator is truly providing a value for the installation of a kitchen counter. Homeowners can get the absolute truth from Granite Imports because they are not fabricators and have earned the reputation of only providing quality premium granite to Denver’s kitchen granite counter fabricators.

Another of the recent additions to the company’s inventory is the 3cm Balmoral Green product. This refined granite slab is designed to fit within any contemporary kitchen design and features a shimmering green surface that combines both darker and lighter tones to support aesthetic balance. Homeowners might consider working with fabricators to install the Balmoral Green granite counters in high sunlit areas to capitalize on the product’s inherent visual appeal in natural light.

There’s an increased range of premium raw granite slabs now available through the experts at Granite Imports, Inc. Please contact the company today to learn more about their new materials or visit to discover more about the organization and its industry experience.
Granite Imports Inc.
Erin Jimenez