Announcing the Release of "Winning the Future Through Education: One Step at a Time" by Dr. Samuel Betances

Bridging the Achievement Gap is Not Impossible. Announcing the release of "Winning the Future through Education: One Step at a Time," by renown speaker and author, Dr. Samuel Betances.

Chicago, IL, September 07, 2013 --( Dr. Betances provides a hands-on, practical guide for students on how to navigate successfully through high school and college. For the Nation to maintain our global competitive advantage, it is imperative that we educate and graduate all students; too many are being left behind. This is a national crisis which begs for solutions. "Winning the Future through Education" addresses this challenge head-on.

According to Dr. Jerry L. Lewis, Executive Director of Academic Achievement Program, University of Maryland, College Park, “Having been a higher education administrator for more than 40 years managing programs to improve the academic success of students from low income and first generation backgrounds, I consider this book as ‘must read’ for students facing challenges in maximizing their gift of intellect, whether from home, friends, environment or inadequate educational preparation.”

From a student’s perspective, Jadea Edmonds from Booker T. Washington High School in Montgomery, Alabama writes, “In my generation, we need something or someone that will lend a helping hand and be “real” with us. Throughout the book, every step is clear and understandable. Each step guides teens along the path of success for good grades, graduating and engaging in life. I’ve taken one of the steps for my own road of reaching achievement by completing school tasks early. I was such a procrastinator. Life for a teen is challenging, having a tool for guidance is a privilege and this is exactly the job this book attains. Also, it is a fun and easy read.”

Betances was never supposed to make it. As a biracial, semi-literate Puerto Rican male from a broken home, he dropped out of school and was destined for trouble. Emerging from the bowels of inner city poverty, he eventually earned two graduate degrees from Harvard University. In his words, “Crossing a bridge called books proved to be the best strategy for my way out of poverty and into the professions.”

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