JBaxterDC Web Solutions Makes Having a Website Fast, Easy and Affordable for Small Business and Personal Use

Jay Boucher is excited to announce the formation of JBaxterDC Web Solutions. From Domain Name Registrations to a unique Website Builder for bringing your website online quickly and easily, www.jbaxteredc.com is your complete, one-stop destination serving both a local and global audience of business and personal websites.

Arlington, VA, September 07, 2013 --(PR.com)-- At www.jbaxterdc.com, you can easily search and complete domain name registrations, with amazing options including .com, .biz and .net, to unique global and international domains such as .us .in, .it, .mx and .asia, among many others. Secure, reliable hosting plans and additional tools, including robust email, complete E-commerce services and Search Engine Optimization and Web marketing are available. The Website Builder program will assist you in designing the website you’ve always wanted while responding to your audience needs.

JbaxterDC Web Solutions was formed to address the huge void not only for businesses, but those wishing for a personal website which addresses target markets. Jay Boucher, owner of JBaxterDC Web Solutions, says “It’s senseless that even today, people are intimidated by the internet. Too many businesses don’t have any web presence because they think it’s too time consuming, too complicated or too expensive, or worse, they think their own business isn’t large enough to warrant a website. My products make it simple, easy and affordable. Even the most basic website empowers set the seeds for growth of products and ideas. You can’t rely on social media to be your only online presence. There’s little control over the content, any ads that may appear or what comments are made . A robust website that you control to engage your visitors is a crucial element in maintaining your company’s image and driving consumers to your store front, whether it be completely virtual or brick and mortar.”

Building an online presence has never been faster, easier or more cost-effective. With JBaxterDC, find a domain, create an amazing site, and be amazed at how simple and easy the process is. Build the website of your dreams, for business or personal needs, now.

Wherever you are on the globe, JBaxterDC Web Solutions provides services for all of your website needs. From business sites that meet today's all-important E-Commerce demands, to personal pages for blogging and photo sharing, JBaxterDC provide you with solutions for domain name registrations, web hosting, web marketing, website building, E-commerce solutions and secure SSL technology. Let us help you find a personalized website name and domain, and assist your organization with website design. With these unique services and product, you can be online in minutes at a fraction of the time and energy required doing it for yourself. For more information, please visit www.jbaxterdc.com. At JBaxterDC we’ll move you from website intimidation to website empowerment.
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