Campbell Global Network Survey Reveals the Desire for More Learning

Campbell Global Network Research and Development Division (R&D) revealed survey results participated in by its self-directed investors from across the globe.

London, United Kingdom, September 07, 2013 --( The aim of the survey was to establish the needs, necessities, and purpose of investor teaching. The marks denoted a disparity between broker’s existing instructive offerings and the necessities of active traders. Those who took part in the survey were practicing, self-directed investors. Practicing investors was described as individuals conducting trades more than two times a week. These investors had a standard of 7 years of trading experience and gave themselves a 7 out of 10 rating on trading know-how.

As an upshot of the survey, Campbell Global Network tapped Mr. Blake Dalton, in-house seasoned technical analyst, to create an instructive offering, directed on technical analysis and trading. The instructive offering will be disseminated to online brokers and will put together video, slides and charts, tool tips, delivering instructions to both novice and seasoned investors and traders.

“The survey bares a very interesting disparity in the self-directed area,” says Campbell Global Network’s Mr. Kelvin Maldonado, VP of Products. “Education is undeniably the most principal requirement of most investors and they are informing us that our existing offerings are lacking in substance and do not meet their requirement. We are positive that our collaboration with Mr. Blake Dalton will create a solution to address the concern of self-directed investors and the brokerage industry.”

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