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Tips from Ozeal Glasses on How to Protect Your Eyes from Eye Strain

Ozeal Glasses Warns Glasses Wearers of Eye Strain and Other Problems

New York, NY, September 08, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Eye strain can be best described as a form of discomfort that comes from using your eyes to focus on something in particular for an extended period of time. It is considered to be one of the most common eye problems that people experience and, in particular, those wearing prescription glasses.

As industry specialists, Ozeal glasses puts much of its efforts in eye protection by helping their clients understand these common ailments and by assisting them with eye strain treatment tips. A number of factors come into play and, one of which being the importance of choosing the right glasses.

Symptoms of eye strain
Not everyone experiences exactly the same symptoms but it is likely that they will have a combination of the following:
- Nonspecific eye soreness
- Dry eyes or mild tearing
- Blurred vision
- Soreness at the back of the neck
- Double vision
- Sensitivity to light
- Headaches
- Difficulty focusing

Common causes
Just as there are a number of symptoms, there are also a large number of possible causes for ocular fatigue. These include:
- Focusing on fine or small print and, in doing so, clenching facial muscles and especially those surrounding the eyes.
- Excessive hours in front of the computer screen.
- Trying to focus and read in a dimly lit room.
- Excessive exposure to bright lights or glare.
- Reading without prescription glasses or using the wrong pair.
- Stress and fatigue worsen the symptoms

Solutions and treatment options
For the best possible eye protection against such eye problems, Ozeal glasses recommends the following forms of eye strain treatment:
- Choosing the right glasses is essential for eyeglass wearers. The right glasses will help you see better and lessen the stress on your eyes.
- Short term relief can be experienced by simply taking a break and closing your eyes for a few minutes will help.
- Make sure that you are performing any reading, writing and similar tasks in a properly lit room but ensure that you do not increase the glare at the same time.
- Consciously blink extra to reduce any risk of dryness.
- Take regular breaks and perform a gentle circular massage on your temples with your eyes closed for about a minute.
- If you are performing these tasks while seated at a table, desk or any seated position, stand up and stretch every few minutes. This is great for general circulation, easing muscle tension and will get you up and away from the task at hand.
- Use eye drops if the extra blinking isn’t doing the trick.
- Your diet plays an important role in ocular health. Make sure that you are getting plenty of Omega-3 fatty acids as well as vitamins A, C and E. That means, plenty of carrots, oranges, nuts and feel free to start yourself on an Omega-3 supplement as well as some flaxseed oil to help reduce dryness.
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