Rise Up Industries Football Mania Fundraiser

Rise Up Industries, a nonprofit public benefit corporation organized to provide a comprehensive and fully integrated approach towards the elimination of gang violence and gang membership, announced today that they will tackle their fundraising goal using CharityMania’s FootballMania fundraiser, a sweepstakes fundraiser where prizes are awarded to the sweepstakes game cards with the teams that score the most points.

San Diego, CA, September 09, 2013 --(PR.com)-- "We are very excited about promoting the Football Mania fundraiser," said Vincent Oliver, Director for Rise Up Industries. "Since it is so different from the other types of fundraisers, we believe people will donate money to our organization simply because they enjoy playing along with the game.”

Rise Up Industries is raising money for our Prevention Centers. “We hope to establish Centers County wide in an effort help our youth avoid and overcome the conditions that lead them to join gangs.” Rise Up Industries is confident that the unique nature of the FootballMania fundraiser will help them meet these fundraising goals.

FootballMania is a unique, sweepstakes fundraiser based on professional football, where ticket holders’ root for the randomly assigned pro football teams assigned to their game cards each week. No two game cards are alike and sweepstakes participants can win $1,000s in cash prizes based on the number of points scored by the football teams printed on the backs of their game cards.

”CharityMania’s mission is to help non-profit organizations raise money and build community involvement,” says Dr. Neil R. Quinn Jr., founder and President of CharityMania. “The more we can provide organizations like, Rise Up Industries with easy-to-manage fundraisers that are fun to play, the closer they can get to meeting their fundraising goals.”

For more information about Rise Up Industries or to purchase a Football Mania ticket, contact them directly or visit the website at: www.riseupindustries.org The deadline for entry is October 25, 2013.

About Rise Up Industries
Rise Up Industries is a faith-based non-profit organization based in San Diego, California, Rise Up Industries provides a three pronged program of Gang Prevention, Gang Intervention, and Re-Entry which serves high-risk, formerly gang-involved men and women with the ultimate goal of disrupting the “center of gravity for gangs” – which is their membership.

At Rise Up Industries former gang members and at-risk individuals are supported in their quest for a better, more meaningful life. The faith-based corporation will extend a rich array of programs & services that not only counsel participants, but provide opportunities for personal and professional advancement as well.

We direct our efforts to the restoration of self-respect and hope, followed by education, employment and the construction of a comprehensive support system to aid in the reintegration of individuals into their communities.

About CharityMania
Based in San Diego, CharityMania created its first fundraiser, FootballMania, in 1994 to benefit their local youth activity program. Due to its success, CharityMania decided to make their fundraisers available over the web to benefit all non-profit organizations. Since that time, CharityMania has introduced a number of new fundraisers to appeal to all types of organizations and geographic regions across the U.S. www.charitymania.com

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