LiveTracGuardian Announces "Drive Safely Program for Teens"

San Ramon, CA, September 10, 2013 --( It’s a known fact that teen drivers contribute heavily to traffic violations and accidents. According to DMV statistics, drivers in the 16-19 age group are most susceptible to violating traffic laws. They register the highest rates for accidents involving vehicles. Worst of all, the learning curve for young drivers is unforgiving: costly speeding tickets and astronomical insurance rates to say nothing of potentially tragic accidental injuries or worse. LiveTracGuardian, based in San Ramon, California, presents a solution to address these issues using their tracking device that provides advanced monitoring features, real time alerts, vehicle diagnostics and much more.

Parents are able to get online to check broad vehicle data, both live time and historical, to better understand the driving habits of their teens. This way there can be an open link for discussion to prevent future violations from happening.

Thomas Van Demark, Director of Media Relations at LiveTracGuardian, believes that the offering by LiveTracGuardian is revolutionary and makes affordable solution for working families. “Young teens have some of the highest automotive accident rates and our solution provides for pre-emptive mitigation and monitoring of young teens. This product opens the door to reality based discussion.”

The ease of use and the cost of the LiveTracGuardian platform will enable widespread adoption of the system helping teens to maintain good driving habits. Van Demark states, “We are pleased to partner with Green Peak Insurance to offer the Student Drive Safely Program at discount to the employees, clients and partners of GreenPeak Insurance. We believe that LiveTracGuardian is a very attractive offer for their clients and employees.”

Faraz Saiyed at Green Peak Insurance says, “We are looking forward to our partnership with LiveTracGuardian to pass on the most benefits to our clients. We believe that this is a very unique offering that adds substantial value to our clients and partners.”

LiveTracGuardian provides the most comprehensive GPS tracking platform at the lowest cost in North America. Monthly subscription rates are $10 per month, and that includes mileage, fuel reports, real time diagnostic alerts, tow alerts, geofencing and much more. The LiveTracGuardian platform collects data in real time and provides an extremely user friendly web based platform to access logged data and set alerts.

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Green Peak is an insurance solutions provider committed to offering multiple products at affordable rates and competitive coverage. Green Peak provides various products including business owners policy, commercial general liability, commercial auto and umbrella, group health and life insurance, professional E&O insurance, surety bonds and various other products.

About LiveTracGuardian
LiveTracGuardian is provides advanced GPS tracking platform for commercial and consumer needs. Based out of San Ramon, LiveTracGuardian offers one of the most competitive GPS tracking solutions in North America.
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