Alternate Mortgage Financing Announces Several Value Added Services

Alternate Mortgage Financing, a leading mortgage broker in Vancouver has announced a slew of value added services for their renovation project lending.

Vancouver, Canada, September 11, 2013 --( Besides offering mortgage financing, Alternative Mortgage Financing now offers help to homeowners on a wide variety of issues such as finding the right contractors, designers and architects to complete your project. This allows the renovation project to be completed on time and with the least stress involved.

Among the other value added services includes providing turnkey solutions, wherein support systems guide the client during a renovation project when purchasing and refinancing of condos and houses.

"Offering such value added services ensures that the client gets necessary guidance throughout the project and also creates a great working relationship with them. When you choose us for your renovation lending service, we do all the legwork for you. We have a network of qualified contractors and trades people in all areas of construction. Clients can go through the project without having to worry about the finance or the job," says a spokesperson for the mortgage financing company in Vancouver.

Among the different types of mortgage loans provided by the company include mortgage loans for purchase and renovation, refinancing, alternative mortgage financing and pure home financing.

"People needing bridge loans also contact us. Conventional mortgage lenders have become very conservative in their approach when lending for such purposes. But we help people who're looking for some temporary yet urgent help when purchasing their dream home," adds the spokesperson for the company. Besides home buyers and sellers, Alternative Mortgage Financing is a much sought after by realtors and renovation professionals.

About Alternative Mortgage Financing:

Alternative Mortgage Financing is a Vancouver based mortgage company managed by Grant Powell, a professional mortgage broker with more than 30 years of experience in the construction and mortgage industry.

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