Stewards of Change Institute Receives 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Status from IRS

Executive Director Emeritus of the IJIS Institute Paul Wormeli, an SOC board member, sees SOC as a leader in promoting interoperability.

Centerport, NY, September 17, 2013 --( Stewards of Change (SOC) Institute is proud to announce that it has received its charitable non-profit determination from the Internal Revenue Service. Stewards of Change Institute, Inc was organized exclusively for purposes under section 501(c) (3) of the internal revenue code to research, assist, and educate the general public, governmental jurisdictions, judiciary, private businesses, foundations and not for profits about sharing and utilizing information, across the continuum of health and human service delivery system. The intended outcome of Stewards of Change Institute is to increase interoperability efforts thereby improving the health and well-being of citizens.

Stewards of Change Consulting supported the establishment of the Stewards of Change Institute as a charitable non-profit organization in recognition of the need to improve data sharing and interoperability efforts across health and human services. While Stewards of Change Consulting will continue to offer for-profit consultancy services, the newly formed Institute will advance interoperability by focusing on research, education and training.

Paul Wormeli, a Stewards of Change Institute’s board member stated, “The SOC Institute recognizes the transformative nature of interoperability and its inevitable impact on policy, practice and structure from the field level through executive leadership. Recent advances in interoperable technologies have dramatically changed the way that health and human service organizations can collect, share and use information among workers, across departments, functions, and even between disparate organizations in real time and in a more cost effective manner. Stewards of Change Institute will continue to drive an agenda in response to this unprecedented opportunity.”

Vernon Brown, the new organization’s Chairman says that “Stewards of Change Institute faces a unique opportunity to fundamentally transform the way business is conducted and services are delivered in the health and human services sectors. At its core, the Institute will focus on identifying emerging solutions that improve ways to connect service silos and improve outcomes for the most vulnerable populations. To realize this goal, we must have a common vision and effective methods to link services and make data-driven decisions in the future.”

Daniel Stein, cofounder and Managing Partner of Stewards of Change Consulting stated, “It is imperative that we establish an organization now that recognizes the opportunity presented by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) to drive information sharing across health and human services. The PPACA provides the funding and administrative flexibility to leverage the enormous investments being made in our health care infrastructure to also benefit human services. There is urgency now because many of the ACA provisions will expire by the end of 2015. Stewards of Change Institute is well positioned to provide dynamic and innovative leadership to improve information sharing and interoperability across Health and Human Services.”

Over the past eight years, Stewards of Change Consulting has convened more than 1,000 leaders from the public, private, not-for-profit, courts and academic sectors to create a national vision and a theory of change ‘Human Services 2.0’ to guide interoperability efforts across the US. The Institute will use the National Interoperability Community of Practice, a virtual community of practice, to share best practices and emerging trends.

For more information about the Institute or to schedule an interview please contact Daniel Stein at 631-385-9246 or and visit our website at

About Stewards of Change Consulting—Stewards of Change Consulting is a business with a social mission: to provide public, private and nonprofit human service agencies with cross-sector innovations to take social change to scale and to create a connected health, education, judicial, and human service system that is customer-centric, family-focused, community engaged, and technology-enabled. We approach our work as social entrepreneurs, bringing together the best minds in the field to gather the collective knowledge, facilitate learning, cull best practices, and adapt real-world models and tools. We serve as thought leaders, trusted advisors, professional conveners, and marketing and communications experts, supporting and training human service organizations to integrate proven business solutions and ensure sustainable transformation.
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