The Newest Environmentally-Friendly Solutions from Stauber Drilling Inc.

Regina, Canada, September 14, 2013 --( While drilling has not always been pegged as something that is good for the environment, Stauber Drilling Inc. is trying to change that stereotype. Drilling for water wells will always be important, but the days of sacrificing the environment for the sake of water well construction are coming to an end.

The act of drilling itself is often the biggest cause of environmental issues. This is why innovative companies like Stauber Drilling Inc. have begun to use sonic drilling methods for their water well drilling needs. Sonic drills are known to produce 70% less waste than conventional rigs and therefore reduce on-site clean up costs, as well as fuel consumption. Accuracy, minimal damage to the surroundings, and a smaller chance of contamination are just a few sonic drilling benefits specific to water wells.

Of course, drilling is still only one aspect of the construction of a water well. The installed PVC casing stays long after the drills have gone. In order to reduce the environmental effects that may arise from any piping issues, Stauber Drilling Inc. uses only the finest environmentally safe well casing in every water well they build.

Always on the cutting edge, Stauber Drilling Inc. takes the responsibility of drilling for water wells in an environmentally friendly manner very seriously and values the opportunity to work with clients who do the same. With over fifty years of experience and expertise in the water well industry, Stauber Drilling Inc. prides itself in its ability to create innovative solutions to keep their clients happy and the environment strong.

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