Canadian Recycling Technology Goes Global

Rudnicki Industrial unveiled the latest model of its Strap Eater industrial strapping chopper today; Just one of many green recycling products being developed by the small Canadian machine shop. With the ever-increasing demand for eco-friendly products, the shop is helping to meet the growing global need for green recycling technology.

Thunder Bay, Canada, September 14, 2013 --( The green market is still young, but is growing steadily as companies recognize government and consumer demands for clean, sustainable industry. In Sweden, recycling has become so popular that the country has started to import trash to meet its needs for powering waste-to-energy power plants. In Germany, fossil fuel plants are closing doors due to the growing solar power industry. Elsewhere, companies are implementing recycling programs and taking other initiatives to become more eco-friendly.

Owner Mike Rudnicki originally designed the Strap Eater for a local customer who was being charged on a weekly basis to dispose of his scrap steel strapping. The machine reduces the volume of the straps by over 90%, leaving condensed scrap metal that is sold back to local recycling facilities for profit. “This has created an extra service for our customers and extra revenue for our company,” reports David Haywood, manager at Lock Stone Yard and Patio Centre in Thunder Bay. The machine has been a hit with landscapers, bricklayers and lumber yards that produce large volumes of the sharp, hazardous steel banding.

With the increase in global demand, the Strap Eater has become part of the Thunder Bay machine shop’s product line, and is shipped to their customers worldwide. The lightweight, fast and energy-efficient machine is quickly gaining favor with companies looking to reduce waste, recycle and improve their green image.
Rudnicki Industrial
Matthew Bryan