The Power of Origin Conference: How do Origins Affect a Brand Story and Success?

E3 Network Presents “The Power of Origin” Global Marketing Conference Oct. 10 Duisburg, Germany.

Duisburg, Germany, September 14, 2013 --( The E3 Agency Network ( will present its first Global Marketing Conference on the topic of “The Power of Origin” for brands on Oct. 10, 2013 at the former ironworks turned Landscape Park, Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord, Germany. The conference will feature keynote speakers, workshops and round table discussions about the power of origins, place marketing, destination brands, and the impact of cultural differences on global brand perceptions. Registration (€ 180.00) is available at

Ideas for Duisburg
The unique setting in one of the world’s first iron-works-turned-landscape park represents the growth potential that Duisburg has in the world of place marketing and branding as an international meeting destination. It provides the perfect platform for a workshop and talk about the power of origins on place marketing in which English brand strategist Julian Stubbs ( will lead the process of developing destination branding strategy for the city, which will culminate in the presentation of potential “Ideas for Duisburg.”

A Powerful Brand Based on Authenticity
Based on seven guiding principles for building brand authenticity, marketing professor and advertising researcher Dr. Michael Beverland from the University of Bath in England ( will present his ideas about how marketers can create brands that reflect the desired identity or authentic self of the consumer.

Corporate Storytelling
A workshop on the theme of corporate storytelling with Raf Stevens ( explains how "myths and legends" can be created that resonate with audiences. The German beverage brand, Sinalco, will be a real-life client in the workshop process.

In addition, Carlo Einarsson, Marketing Director of the Swedish paper manufacturer Iggesund, will discuss the opportunities and challenges that are concealed in 400 years of company history and how origins direct a brand’s growth.

Conference Agenda
9:00 am - Registration
9:45 am - Opening: Michael Meier President E3
10:00 am - Greeting: Mayor of Duisburg, Sören Link
10:30 am - Speaker: Michael Beverland, “Building brand authenticity habits”
11:15 am - Break
11:30 am - Speaker: Julian Stubbs, “Ideas for Duisburg”
1:00 pm - Lunch break
2:00 pm - Speaker: Carlo Einarsson, “400 years of company history –
Chances and Challenges”
3:00 pm - Speaker: Raf Stevens, “Corporate Storytelling”
3:45 pm - Coffee break
4:00 pm - Workshop led by Raf Stevens, “How to create myths and legends”
6:00 pm - End

Venue Address:
Landschaftspark Duisburg Nord, Emscherstr. 71, 47137 Duisburg, Germany. Phone +49 203 71280800. Website
Speakers Bios
Read more about the Keynote speakers here. (
Visit the event website for more information and to register:

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