Trenchless Pipe Installation Services of PW Trenchless Enable Firms to Reduce Environmental Effects of Construction Work

Helps improve environmental factors of projects.

Surrey, Canada, September 15, 2013 --( Surrey, BC-based specialists for a broad-range of trenchless pipe installation services, PW Trenchless is now helping constructions firms across BC to reduce the environment effects of their work. The firm’s expertise in utilizing the latest pneumatic and static pipe-bursting systems now enables construction teams to restrict open-cutting of land as well as reduce their excavation activities as they improve the environmental and cost-effectiveness of their projects.

With the Canadian public becoming increasingly conscious of the detrimental environment effect of their actions, organizations around the country are taking note and adapting their own processes. Construction organizations have long sought an alternative to open trench style projects that have a lasting and degrading effect on the natural environment. In addition to the effects of excavating the area of the project, trench projects require the hauling of materials from the site to a dump site. The transportation vehicles used in this process add more pollutants to the atmosphere, increasing the negative environmental effect of the entire project. Now, one company is offering an alternative approach with their trenchless pipe installation services.

PW Trenchless’s trenchless methods ensure that only the existing sewage structure is removed and replaced during their projects. They use the latest cutting edge drilling equipment to burst pipes from underneath the ground, rather that creating a trench to replace all trees, buildings and other elements in the specific area of the piping. It’s how tomorrow’s cost-effective, environmentally-friendly construction projects will be completed. And it’s service now available across BC through the team at PW Trenchless.

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