Leverage the New Northwire.com Site and You Can be the Supply Chain Hero

Northwire’s new industry resource website improves readability and mobile access while providing wire and cable sourcing tools and helpful infographics.

Osceola, WI, September 19, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Northwire, Inc. (NWI), an industry-leading original equipment manufacturer (OEM), launches a customer-centric website and mobile commerce tool to empower the strategic sourcing and design of custom technical wire and cable, retractile cords, cable assemblies, connectors, harnesses and contract manufacturing with maximum efficiency and ease of use. This new NWI site now available in English, will also become available in Spanish within the coming months.

With over 8,000 standard products and infinite custom cable configurations available, Northwire designs and manufactures innovative solutions for their esteemed customers in life sciences, energy, industrial, aerospace and defense markets.

“At Northwire, our customers deserve the best,” explains Kevin Rector, Technical Sales Manager, “not only is it paramount to have the fastest lead times with the highest quality, our team collaborates with you to customize flexible inventory management programs designed to meet your exact needs.” Celebrating over 25 years with the Northwire Team, Rector emphasizes, “Northwire’s strategic partner programs and no minimum order quantities complement your operations. Saving you time and money is our goal, which is why we are pleased to increase the velocity of process and information flow with our newly launched digital platforms.”

Northwire counts down 5 easy steps to reducing inventory and increasing the flow of cash, materials, process and information:

No. 5. Flex Your Brain and Brawn

Opportunity: Growth and diversification into new territories, markets and products creates added layers of complexity, additional time and creates resource poverties.

Leverage: Don’t increase overhead burden. Streamline your supply chain by working with vertically-integrated companies with a comprehensive product and services portfolio and life cycle management expertise, such as leading cable manufacturer Northwire. Flex the power of your purchasing strength, work with a leaner supply chain, realize cost avoidance, enjoy cost savings, increase productivity and on-time delivery.

No. 4. Get Right Sized, Not Super Sized

Opportunity: Your suppliers are scattered amongst multiple vendors, which means your procurement and engineering is crushed not only by the weight of managing the multitude of vendor relationships, but also the struggle to sort through the disparate data, technical information, requirements matrices and more.

Leverage: By identifying your critical needs and awarding spending to a smaller number of strategic suppliers with the most to offer, you have removed a super sized amount of complexity.

No. 3. Agility

Opportunity: To maintain your competitive edge, your business has to rapidly respond to market changes, new product development, spikes and downturns, shortages of critical components, and more.

Leverage: Responsive, flexible partners will react immediately to business critical events. With quotes for standard and custom cable and wire, retractile cords, connectors, harnesses, cable assemblies, injection molded plastic parts, and over-molding in 24 hours or less and custom cable with design-to-deliver in 5 days or fewer, NWI will support your Research and Development, Test and Development, New Product Development and low rate initial production through full rate production.

No. 2. Optimize and Synchronize

Opportunity: Increasing your on-time delivery helps you avoid expedites and high inventory levels.

Leverage: Specialized integrated systems, electronic data interchange, vendor managed inventory, kanban and stocking programs provide the greatest visibility into forecasts, consumption and inventory levels. Working collaboratively, create a flexible program with Northwire for just-in-time delivery, blanket purchase orders, safety stock and more.

No. 1. Myopic Focus

Opportunity: Maintain laser focus on the vital two, not few. First, dedicate your valuable time to inventory reduction initiatives. Second, improve the speed of process and information flow.

Leverage: With same day, fast delivery and Northwire’s no minimum order quantity, you can buy less more frequently, free up your cash, and reduce inventory.

Designed to complement Northwire’s suite of personalized vendor-managed inventory solutions, Northwire.com features a convenient, responsive web design, optimal viewing experience, ease in reading, and navigation requiring minimal resizing, panning and scrolling. Customer supportive resources are easily accessible by smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Access more technical information faster with the interactive “digital toolbox” that is fully accessible via mobile devices including:

Electrical Calculator
Stranding Conversion Chart
Ampacity Chart
Metric Conversion Chart
Color Chart

In addition, technical information is presented through charts and visually descriptive infographics, providing the ability to source standard and custom cable products by agency compliance, market, end-application or user-requirements.

Find out more about Northwire solutions at 00.468.1516, cableinfo@northwire.com, or through Live Chat.

About Northwire
Cable manufacturer, Northwire, Inc., celebrating over 41 years of innovation, is a registered woman-owned small business (WOSB) with corporate headquarters and manufacturing in Osceola, Wisconsin, a professional sales & design engineering center in Carson City, Nevada, and engineering and manufacturing in Santa Teresa, New Mexico. For more information, visit www.northwire.com.
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