Dapresy Pro 8 Marketing Research Tool is Faster and Has More Capacity

Portsmouth, NH, September 18, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Dapresy, (http://www.dapresy.com) has made more than 200 improvements to Dapresy Pro 8 marketing research tool over the past year. Among the improvements is a 60% reduction in the time it takes to create the data cubes that sit behind the market research data analysis reports. While the software was fast before, it can now process 2 million reports in less than four hours.

Dapresy Pro 8 marketing research tool also includes more capacity with the capability of processing more than 100,000 new respondents per reporting period, more choice in the statistics that can be applied to a report, as well as new options that include being able to bring statistical tests, significance and confidence limits into market research data analysis charts.

Dapresy Pro 8 marketing research tool also features an entirely new software interface that allows the software to communicate directly with other data hosts and data collection platforms. This feature allows speedy integration between platforms.

Because 20% of its users view Dapresy Pro market research data analysis reports via tablet, Dapresy Pro 8.3 also features a tablet friendly interface.

Dapresy has invested in growing its development team by 200% over the past year, which is reflected in the many upgrades to Dapresy Pro. "We have also noticed that many new customers ask us to make specific changes to the software,” explained Tobi Andersson, Founder of Dapresy. “By expanding our development team, it means we can now offer current and future clients a promise to deliver many of these requests within a three month timeframe.”

About Dapresy
Dapresy provides business intelligence products specifically designed for professional market researchers who want to create their own marketing dashboard tools. By creating their own reporting dashboards, market researchers can analyze, present and distribute dynamic results from their studies. Dapresy was founding in 1999 in Sweden and quickly became the leader in marketing dashboard and online data reporting for customer experience programs, employee 360-degree research, brand tracking studies, mystery shopping and ad-hoc projects. Dapresy’s flagship marketing research tool is Dapresy Pro which has web-based portals for dynamic online presentation and report downloads, promptly delivering, actionable results from survey and other business data coming from markets, users and customers.

Dapresy clients include firms like TNS, GfK, Ipsos, The Pert Group, Morpace, Rogers Connect Market Research, Ad Hoc Research, Sentient Decision Science, Blauw, Unilever and many others. For more information, visit http://www.dapresy.com
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