Iyafadara “Iya” Takes Her 42,900 Plus Call on Keen as a 5-Star Advisor

San Francisco, CA, September 19, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Iyafadara “Iya” Takes Over 42,900 Calls on Keen as a 5-Star Advisor (source Keen.com Daily Report)

Iyafadara “Iya (ee-yah)” joined Keen, 13 years ago as an advisor offering advice and consultation over the phone. Iya is an amazingly accurate, gifted and compassionate Psychic Medium and Life Choice Consultant specializing in the areas of Love, Relationships, Career, Finances, Business, everyday Life Questions. Iya, has thorough knowledge and experience in Para-Psychology, Dream Interpretation, Astrology, Numerology, Culture, Herbology, Yogic Sciences, and Spiritual Healing Techniques. Iya's ancestors from the Holy City of Ile Ife, have been helping people find their way through their life lessons for thousands of years.

Getting the advice we needed was often a time-consuming challenge. That challenge does not exist when talking to Iya. Iya offers live, immediate advice for life's everyday challenges. The Internet is a valuable research tool, but there's nothing more satisfying than getting information live from a qualified, personable person in a private one-on-one conversation.

Iya's uncanny intuition has guided people to more successful lives. Some examples of comments of how she has helped individuals is as follows: "I have a Masters Degree in Architectural Engineering and own my own firm. After reading Iya's bio, I decided to get a reading concerning some pressing issues in my life. All I can say now is that the closest that I can relate the reading to is what I imagine traveling ahead in time is like. Iya was able to provide me with information that helped to circumvent some personal problems, aid me in a vital relationship decision and turn what was going to be a catastrophic business venture into a prosperous financial success! Thank you Iya" – signed Madison J

“For years, friends and neighbors have told me that they can talk to me about anything. It is like talking to a best friend or sibling that I wished I had. Thank you for just being there,” says Iyafadara.”

You too can now have access to immediate advice from Iya about life's challenges, through www.keen.com and 1-800-ASK-KEEN ext 087757.

How Keen Works
Launched in November 1999, Keen has helped over 10 million members get advice easily through a website or by telephone. Once connected to Iya one of the top rated advisers on Keen, One can receive assistance instantly and anonymously.

To call Iya, visit www.keen.com/iyafadara or dial direct through 1-800-275-5336 ext 087757. Keen will automatically connect the two parties for a live, confidential and anonymous phone call. Keen offers a full money-back guarantee if customers aren't completely satisfied with their experience.

Private and Customer Approved
Privacy and quality are maintained in two unique ways. Because Keen initiates the call to both parties, the privacy of both customer and advisor is completely protected. No one's name, phone number, email address or any other personal information are ever revealed - not even on Caller I.D. devices.

Media Contacts:
Iyafadara Ifasanmi
1-800-275-5336 ext. 087757
Iyafadara Ifasanmi
1-800-275-5336 ext 087757