Classof1 Launches the 12th Edition of Their Email Newsletter

This September, has published the 12th edition of its official newsletter. This issue is aptly named as the back to school edition, and it is focused on students starting college.

Eagan, MN, September 19, 2013 --(, the pioneer in the field of customized help for college assignments, has just released the 12th of their monthly newsletter. The September issue is focused on the back to school season, and supposed to be aimed at college students starting their freshman year.

A spokesperson for the website explained, that has gained in popularity over the 12 months since they started this monthly, and they would continue to provide the newsletter with valuable resources for college students, in the months to come.

The newsletter covers a wide range of topics from international economics to crosswords. The posts covered in the latest issue, are focused on help improving the knowledge and understanding of the students in the subject of economics. There is also a specific article that is to help improve the productivity of students, and tips to help students starting their college, cope with the freshman stress.

The articles featured in this month’s newsletter are as follows:
1. Stagflation, Nightmare of a Nation's Economy
2. Why Multitasking is Bad for Productivity
3. Why Online College won’t Replace College Campuses, Yet
4. The Freshman Code
5. The Economics Crossword

Read the complete newsletter at
Ashwin Casmir