Using Old Photos to Treat Alzheimer's Disease

Larsen Digital, a digital conversion service provider in Utah is helping Alzheimer's Awareness by raising awareness of Reminiscence Therapy.

Salt Lake City, UT, September 19, 2013 --( Larsen Digital, Preserving Your Memories, is helping raise awareness of Reminiscence Therapy, which is a form of therapy for people suffering from Alzheimer's. Reminiscence Therapy is focused on the patient revisiting their past memories or life history to help them remember happy times and past experiences. By viewing their old photos, videos, or movie film, it will help trigger memories of those past events.

It takes an emotional toll on people suffering from Alzheimer's, they can suffer from depression, anxiety and frustration. Being unable to remember the people from their past, or even close family members can be difficult for the patient and the caregivers. Reminiscence Therapy will help family members bond, and help raise the patients self confidence because they are able to recall past events that they had forgotten.

Kristin Harding stated, "The further along Alzheimer's progresses, the harder it is for Alzheimer's patients to recall past events. It is devastating to the patient and the family members to witness this transformation. That is why it is so emotionally impactful when everyone is able to sit down together and reminisce over old photos and videos. Being able to remember past events and people will help build self confidence, reduce anxiety and help maintain a bond with their care giver," According to Kate Nederostek of the Utah Alzheimer's Association, there are currently 32,000 people in Utah suffering from Alzheimer's. Since 2000, there has been a 45% increase in the instance of Alzheimer's, and by the year 2025 Utah will see a growth of 125%.

For those who want to use Reminiscence Therapy with their family member suffering from Alzheimer's, they will need to take all those old photos and videos and have them converted into a usable format. Larsen Digital can convert all types of movie film, videos, photos and slides to digital, so they can be combined into a usable form therapy. Some examples include, taking old photos, slides or negatives and creating a custom photo book. Or taking old Movie Film and creating a custom DVD they can watch, seeing their past come alive. There are many ways that a family can tailor the therapy so that it best meets the needs of the patient.

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