HVF Marketing Announces Offer for One Free Month of Digital Marketing Services

HVF Marketing is offering a month's worth of digital marketing services in hopes to help local small businesses.

Middletown, NY, September 19, 2013 --(PR.com)-- In an attempt to help the local business community, HVF Marketing is offering a month’s worth of their digital marketing services to businesses for free. HVF’s “Complete Digital Marketing Package” includes the essentials for any business to get online, get organized, and see growth. Specifically, this includes Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Digital Design Services, and Internet Advertising. Business owners who do not know much about digital marketing strategy will find this extremely helpful. However, these services may also be used by those who simply who do not have the patience or time to maintain their online presence. Their “User first, marketers second” approach gives them a unique advantage in understanding the consumer/online user mindset. They also use a slightly skeptical approach to their own ideas, which allows them to offer the perfect overall strategy for every business.

The usual cost for this package is a modest $500/month, with a 6 month contract. HVF is currently offering the first month free to those who sign up before October 15th. HVF also offers payment plans for those who would prefer to pay monthly.

About HVF Marketing
HVF Marketing is a local start-up business which prides themselves on working for the local community. While they are not a nonprofit, their long term goals include many projects solely towards bettering the local community. Some of these projects include: promoting local charities (for no fee), funding and building public recreation areas for young adults/teenagers, planning various events for all different age groups, and free promotion and marketing for young local artists.

For more information or to get started, please contact:

Steve Brueckner, Marketing Manager
Office: (845) 202-0813
HVF Marketing
Steve Brueckner
(845) 202-0813