Spacehoot Announces New Social Media Platform to Boost Small Business Social Sales

Social selling has overtaking traditional selling thanks to social media. Spacehoot an internet startup, has launched a free social site ( to help small businesses boost sales.

Abuja, Nigeria, September 19, 2013 --( With social selling taking becoming the only channel for a small business to survive in the business world, Spacehoot ( is a breath of fresh air. The internet startup has launched a free social site that promises to help small businesses increase their global reach and boost social sales.

This new social site is devoted to small businesses, freelancers and other small organizations that desire to effectively expand their businesses. The site offers a professional platform to help businesses easily gather intelligence about their prospective customers who might be registered in Spacehoot, and thereby boost conversion of leads to sales.

According to InsideView, 55% of buyers search for information about the products and services they wish to purchase on social media. Spacehoot was created to provide a platform where professionals and businesses will converge to search for and find information about companies, products and services they may be interested in. In return, businesses can use Spacehoot to obtain more information about their prospects via their activities on Spacehoot.

To achieve enable businesses effectively promote their products and service on Spacehoot, the following excellent features have been provided:

1. Attractive, shareable professional profiles (for individuals)
2. Elegant business/corporate pages.
3. Projects (products) pages, with teasers displayed within user streams (unobtrusive marketing)
4. Rich content (articles) pages for inbound marketing campaigns 5. Professional and business networking features to cement relationships and improve social and business engagements
6. Features for mass broadcasting of special announcements
7. Intelligent use of links within posts to help enhance inbound marketing campaigns
8. Commenting and liking to as lead tools for businesses
9. Email notifications to keep users and businesses updated about the performance of their products/content
10. Other elegant features to support the features mentioned above.

Spacehoot is 100% free for individuals and businesses. There are no paid subscriptions, which makes it a great option for the small business and the freelancer. Registration is quick and simple. Interested users can register directly at the home page.

According Hootsuite "Social media can be a major asset in getting people to be more receptive to you..." They conclude that "There is nothing more tragic than a lost opportunity in sales!" Register on today and start reaping these benefits.
Mark Melton