Larsen Digital Now Processes 8mm & Super8 Movie Film with Sound

Larsen Digital, a digital conversion service provider now offers 8mm & Super8 Movie Film transfers with sound.

Salt Lake City, UT, September 19, 2013 --( Larsen Digital, Preserving Your Memories, now offers 8mm & Super8 Movie Film transfers with sound. Now, everyone who converts their movie film to digital can enjoy the audio that accompanies their video. Being able to re-live the past will allow family and friends to see and hear long forgotten memories.

There are different types of movie film, 8mm, Super8 and 16mm are the most common types of old movie film. The majority of 8mm and Super8 film was shot as silent, whereas it is more common for 16mm movie film to contain sound. Determining if your movie film has sound is simple, you just need to look at your film strip & look for an audio strip running along the edge. A magnetic sound strip will have a small piece of metal running down the side. Movie Film became popular in the late 1920's to early 1930's until VHS video tapes took over as the main source of documenting family moments in the early 1970's. A can of undeveloped movie film was expensive to the average household, so only the most important moments were captured on film. Unlike VHS Tapes, movie film is high quality film, capable of being converted into High Definition Digital Video.

Larsen Digital is a leading digital conversion service company that processes all their work themselves, and keeps all their work in the USA. They started offering Silent 8mm & Super8 movie film transfers in 2009, and later started offering 16mm movie film transfers. As the need has grown, Larsen Digital now offers 8mm & Super8 movie film with sound to all their customers. Larsen Digital also converts other types of film and video to digital, such as slides, negatives, photos, video tapes, audio tapes, reel to reel audio and vinyl records. They are located in Pleasant View, Utah, and can be found on the web at
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Kristin Harding