MamaFit Introduces Affordable Online Personal Training

Fitness Company MamaFit opens an online personal training program to make working with a personal trainer more accessible to the public.

Montreal, Canada, September 21, 2013 --( MamaFit, a personal training company located just outside of Montreal, Quebec has announced the launch of their new website The website focusses on affordable online personal training and intends to make getting in shape easier by removing many of the obstacles that inhibit weight loss.

Personal trainer and company owner Lisa Sims explains the reasons behind the new website, "The benefits of personal training are so great. Aside from the obvious benefit of weight loss, clients improve their strength and their flexibility, their energy levels sky-rocket and they just feel better overall. I wish everyone could hire a personal trainer and if they have the means, I highly recommend that they do, but there are many obstacles that prevent people from doing it. Many people don't have the time to meet a trainer at the gym, or are not able to meet one during regular working hours, often they don't have the money to work with a trainer beyond a few sessions," she continued. "Mothers especially have a hard time leaving the house to work out because they need to have someone watch their kids. Mamafit Online takes all these excuses away."

The program, which launches Monday, September 30th, 2013, gives participants access to 3 half hour fitness routines developed to accelerate fat loss and sculpt the body by combining cardio and strength training. Participants will also receive 3 instructional videos that correspond to the workouts and demonstrate the exercises. As well, they will have access to an exclusive members-only forum where they can ask questions, share healthy recipes and interact with one another and with Sims, and be able to access healthy lifestyle change suggestions from Sims who also has a certificate in Corfit Nutrition. Each month 3 new routines and corresponding videos will be posted.

"One of the biggest complaints I have heard when people explain their inability to stick with a workout program is that it is repetitious and boring. With MamaFit Online, we'll be giving members 3 different workouts each month that will each target different areas of the body, so on top of not repeating the same workouts in any given week, each month we will give you access to 3 more workouts and their instructional videos," Sims explained. "If people don't get bored, they will be more likely to stick with the program. And, if they're not repeating the same moves over and over, then their body won't adapt to the workouts and they'll lose more weight more quickly."

The program costs $12.97 per month, but participants who register before the program launch on September 30th, 2013 will get the first 2 months for the price of one. For more information about the program, or to join, visit the Mamafit Online website at
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