Raspberry Pi "Bake-Off" Contest Offers Programmers & Inventors Chance to Win Money, Close Digital Divide

CrossRealms is challenging programmers to develop software for the Raspberry Pi. The best of these programs will be loaded to Raspberry Pi’s that will be given to Chicago schools.

Chicago, IL, September 22, 2013 --( What: Programmers and inventors can pick up cash prizes and help Chicago Schoolchildren bridge the digital divide.CrossRealms, Inc.TM, a Chicago IT consulting firm, is offering $1,000 for the best educational software or hardware invention that uses the Raspberry Pi, a lower-than-low-cost computer about the size of a deck of playing cards. Second place gets $500, third place gets $300. Student inventors win internships with CrossRealms. The Raspberry Pi has a per-unit cost of $35.00, low enough to be distributed throughout schools through corporate donations alone. This has the potential to put a computer in every kid’s hands without making them a target for robbery and assault.

Why: Teachers, some of whom may not always be tech-savvy, need content that keeps schoolchildren fascinated with learning – without being a technological headache for the teacher. While the potential for STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) is obvious, teachers also need content to engage students in reading, music, and every other academic subject. Enter the Raspberry Pi “Bake-off,” which is designed to produce such content. Winners might be a software program or a classroom hardware invention run by Raspberry Pi. Although it is geared toward university students, the Bake-off welcomes contestants of all backgrounds and ages.

Where: Polaris Charter Academy, a Chicago Public Schools charter school on Chicago’s West Side, is currently participating in a pilot program and has received 10 Raspberry Pi’s to both enhance the school’s IT infrastructure and to engage children in learning. Winners of the Bake-off will see their creations rolled out first at Polaris, and then at other Chicago public schools that CrossRealms is actively recruiting.

Who: CrossRealms, an IT consulting firm, is donating its services, time and prize money. They are also currently seeking partners to donate Raspberry Pi units

When: Entries are due October 25, 2013; winners will be announced November 8, 2013. More information about contest requirements is available at
Lexi Zimmerman
(312) 278-4445