New Empowerkit eBook Shows 79% of Franchisees Struggle with Web Marketing

New eBook shows franchisees lack corporate strategy and provides key insights for improvement.

Berkeley, CA, September 23, 2013 --( Through Empowerkit’s “How Franchisees Think About Online Marketing” eBook, readers have been able to learn about the struggles franchisees go through in a new virtual paradigm. 79% of them haven’t been given guidance from their franchisor on strategic online marketing.

As a result, franchises are running behind in the online marketing race. A franchisee for Ductz declared: “The sales training that corporate provides is based on selling from 20 years ago. They keep talking about offering new vendors or tools for internet marketing, but haven’t yet delivered.”

This outdated way of thinking about marketing ends in a poorly designed or non existent franchisee online marketing strategy. The lack of training, site maintenance, the inflexible tools used, the generic strategies, among other factors, all come into play here. As the eBook shows, 91% of franchisees don’t update their website’s content consistently, which is a key tactic to gain visibility online and engage audiences.

“It’s probably a little bit of a vicious cycle,” a franchisee for AmeriSpec said. “It’s a pretty mediocre site so I don’t put much work into it, and the result is that I don’t get anything out of it either.”

Furthermore, even if there were positive results, franchisees wouldn’t be able to find out about them: 74% are unsure how many leads are generated online per month. The combination of these elements has caused them to perceive “person to person” business as most effective.

Yet, franchisees are aware of the opportunity that web marketing can be. “I do see a future in using the Internet”, affirmed a HouseMaster franchisee. Moreover, they are willing to participate in online marketing if given guidance and flexible and intuitive tools to do so.

These findings, as the eBook states, are meant to provide an alternative for innovative franchisors: they’ll be able to act on this information and offer a robust web marketing solution to their franchisees, so they can yield positive results online.

To find out more statistics on how franchisees think about online marketing and what franchisors could do to meet consumer demand online, go to and download the eBook.

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