Alliance Sales & Marketing Adds New Cloud Based iTeam Business Solution to Its Portfolio

Alliance Sales & Marketing Adds New Cloud Based iTeam Business Solution to Its Portfolio

Orlando, FL, September 25, 2013 --( Alliances Sales & Marketing Solutions, a small private equities group that was formed in 2008 by President and CEO Heather Guffin, has added an innovative new cloud-based business solution to its list of products and services.

The company’s goal is to find solutions to the unique challenges that face short cycle sales and marketing operations, such as timeshare companies.

Alliance's solutions are developed through the notion of supplying fast functioning, high performance and efficient solutions for sales companies. Absolutely every solution created by the Alliance group has been designed with the sale in mind. Alliance products and services deliver bar-setting products, solutions and services for competitive companies that aim to advance beyond the competition through hard work, superior resources and valued allies.

The latest Alliance solution is an innovative new cloud-based system, called iTeam, created specifically for companies such as timeshare sales and marketing organizations that are separated by both time and space. iTeam creates a virtual workplace for mobile businesses to stay updated and connected.

“Alliance iTeam offers a complete suite of computing solutions for an active sales and marketing team. For example, the platform has a customizable point-of-sale system that is combatable with tablets, touchscreens, and any web enabled device. It also has point-of-marketing apps that directly interface with the main system to provide real-time manifests to administrative users. It combines all of this with a statistic-based framework that helps to identify which areas a sales or marketing person needs to improve upon. The system is completely unique, there is nothing like it on the market today,” said Heather Guffin, President & CEO, Alliance Sales & Marketing Solutions.

Designed for the timeshare industry by timeshare industry professionals, Alliance iTeam offers its clients versatile solutions based on business intelligence principals including an interactive point-of-sale marketing app, digital and fully interactive pitch books, real-time statistics for the entire operation, a world class training system and the Alliance Solution’s patented Sales Psychology System (SPS).

In a highly demanding, mobile and dynamic world, Alliance Sales & Marketing Solutions offers products that keep up with and exceed the increasing demands of the ever changing timeshare industry. iTeam’s versatile, user friendly and innovative platform will assist businesses operating in the timeshare industry to increase efficiency and transport their operations into the cloud computing era.

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