Startingpoint Realty Turns First Time Homebuyers’ Dreams Into Reality

Chicagoland real estate brokerage that solely deals with first time home buyers.

Chicago, IL, September 12, 2007 --( For many people today, the dream of owning a home seems to be just that—a dream. However, the media is full of stories about a slow housing market. Who can benefit from this downturn? The only group that was pushed aside in the hot housing market a few years ago: first time homebuyers.

Ryan Gable preaches about this opportunity. Gable, who founded StartingPoint Realty in the Chicago suburb of Palatine in 2004, has made it his mission to educate and empower first time homebuyers to invest in a nest, be it condo, town house or single family home. Gable is closing in on $13,000,000 in sales, most of them to first timers.

“We’re the only real estate office in the Chicago metropolitan area whose resources are 100% dedicated to first time purchasers. We’ve actually turned down business because it didn’t fit our niche,” states Gable. “I started the business because I felt that first time home buyers were a neglected group and if we focused on education, integrity, and service, StartingPoint Realty would become the prominent real estate agency for first time buyers. Now, because of the preparation we provide to our clients, we are building a reputation for bringing qualified, educated buyers to the table. Our clients don’t get cold feet because they know what to expect.”

StartingPoint Realty holds at least two free home buying seminars a month. At least is held in Chicago and another in the suburbs. A mortgage broker is always in attendance at each seminar. Everyone is welcome to attend and there is no pressure to buy although, notes Gable, many attendees are surprised to learn that there are lots of creative financing options available to them. Seminar topics include credit ratings, pre-approval, roles of the real estate agent, how to search for properties, negotiation, signing the contract and closing. Gable comments, “Most of the people who come to these seminars are tired of renting, but they don’t know where to start. After learning about the possibilities, if they want to start searching, I’m here to help. If not, I’m always happy that they came and learned something. There’s no catch.”

StartingPoint Realty
Ryan Gable