SEC Energy to Double Production Capabilities and Workforce

Expansion Will Include the Latest in Automated Equipment to Increase Efficiencies and Reduce Production Costs; Houston-based SEC Will be One of a Few Energy Service Providers to Offer an Onsite “Dyno”

Houston, TX, September 25, 2013 --( Houston-based SEC Energy Products & Services (SEC) announced today it will double its natural gas compression manufacturing capabilities and its workforce by 2014. SEC is a leading packager of natural gas compression equipment, and the only company in the industry to offer gas, electric and dual drive compressors.

SEC also will broaden the range of products and services it provides to the oil and gas industry and expand its geographic footprint to include a network of warehouse operations located in the most active natural gas producing basins throughout the United States. To accommodate the growth of its business, SEC is significantly expanding its physical operations at its Houston facility and adding approximately 100 employees in the next 18 months, bringing the total number of employees nationwide to more than 400.

“This expansion is the direct result of our customers asking us to provide these services,” said Tommy Stone, president, SEC Energy Products & Services. “When our construction is completed in October, we will be more than a traditional compression design and manufacturing service provider. We will be a full-service company that also provides production and processing equipment, turnkey engineering services, truck-based service technicians, manufacturer parts, and power generation equipment.”

New 46-acrea North Houston Complex
Following the expansion of its facility at 9523 Fairbanks North Houston, which will triple the company’s square footage, SEC will be able to provide up to 500,000 horsepower of compression per year from its new 46-acre complex, up from the 300,000 horsepower it currently provides. SEC is constructing five new buildings, which will bring its total square footage of building space to 350,000, equivalent to more than six football fields, of which 212,000 square feet will be new construction. The new buildings will house assembly services, skid and vessel fabrication, re-vamp/engine overhaul capabilities, warehouse facilities and corporate offices.

A 63,000 square foot assembly building will feature 12 assembly bays, double the current number. The new, bigger assembly bays will be better suited for building larger compression equipment. A 40,000- square-foot re-vamp shop will feature a DL6K Dynamometer, making SEC one of only a few service providers in the country with the ability to test engines onsite before they are transported into the field for installation.

“Having a dyno onsite will be a significant benefit for our compression customers,” said Stone. “Being able to test engine power and emission levels at our facility rather than in the field means our customers will be able to get their operations up and running more quickly.”

SEC is also building a 53,000-square-foot skid and vessel fabrication shop that will provide the space for the company to build the full range of vessels from the small to the very large rather than outsourcing the work. Automated equipment will be installed that will allow SEC to increase its throughput, shorten production timelines and reduce costs. Rounding out the expansion at its Houston complex will be a new warehouse and corporate office building.

SEC to Offer New Services
SEC also has broadened its engineering and technical services units. SEC’s engineering team has been expanded to better accommodate requests for turnkey projects such as stabilizer facilities, amine treating plants and cryogenic plants. SEC now provides site design, construction, procurement and project management.

The technical services group, which includes on-site compressor technicians, also has been expanded to include a network of satellite warehouse operations providing parts and materials that may not be available in many of the remote oil and gas producing basins around the country. Warehouses are currently operating in California, Colorado and Texas, with future facilities planned in Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Adding new lines of business is also underway. To complement its compressor fabrication and assembly, engineering and technical services groups, SEC will now offer gas production and processing equipment, and portable generators.

Production Equipment – separators, condensate stabilizers, heaters, dehydrators and other such items to make natural gas and associated liquids safe for storage and transportation.

Processing Equipment – fuel skids, amine gas treaters and cryogenic plants to support E&P companies that are drilling in rich gas areas in order to capture more of the value stream.

Portable Generator Rentals – temporary power supplies like natural gas or diesel-powered generators to provide reliable backup power wherever it is needed as drilling expands into areas lacking infrastructure.

“The incredible growth of the midstream industry due to the increasing production of natural gas liquids has opened up the opportunity for us to expand our scope and provide these new services,” said Stone. “Midstream companies are scrambling to get the equipment they need to handle the volume of liquids being produced. We are happy to be in the position where we can help them.”

About SEC Energy Products & Services
SEC Energy Products & Services founded in 2003, provides natural gas compression equipment, parts and services to all segments of the oil and gas industry. SEC is capable of designing and fabricating compression equipment to meet each customer’s specific operating requirements from 50 to 8,000 horsepower gas, electric or dual driven compression. SEC also provides engineering services, from package design to full turn-key solutions, over-haul revamp facilities, truck-based service technicians, manufacturer's parts, and power generation equipment.
SEC Energy
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