Kevin Tacher, Founder and CEO of Independence Title Gives an Insider’s Take on Title Insurance

Offering great information not widely known about title insurance Independence Title, Inc. Founder and CEO Kevin Tacher speaks about inside information home buyers want to know.

Fort Lauderdale, FL, September 25, 2013 --( Little known facts like, “Buyers should beware when a seller is in favor of using a particular title company especially if they’ve used them before,” and “The lender has the best advice,” were offered recently when Independence Title, Inc. Founder Kevin Tacher spoke about particularly helpful title insurance information. The company’s Founder was all to happy to give this and other exceptional insight to help bolster home buyers in the process of buying a home. “Basically it’s just like anything else in life, if you pay you get to choose the product,” Tacher said. “And when it comes to title insurance, it’s a common practice that if you want to choose the title insurance company you should be prepared to shoulder at least some of the costs.”

That said, Tacher continues with more insight saying a home buyer should be wary if the seller is highly intent on the use of a particular title company who may favor their cause. “A title search is meant to find errors before the purchase. If a buyer goes with the suggestion to use a title insurance company that is highly familiar with the seller, that company may use research results similar to what they’ve used before. That’s particularly troublesome for two reasons.” The first reason Tacher gives is information not widely known. He says that researchers aren’t always using actual records but summaries or extracts of those records. Using a new company will assure that new extracts will be taken and a fresh set of eyes will view them. “Those two ingredients could unearth problems that the old company might overlook due to familiarity,” added Tacher.

The Independence Title, Inc. Founder went on to say that if a home buyer is getting advice from the seller, the real estate agent and the mortgage lender they should be aware that the best advice typically comes from the lender. “The lender’s interest tends to dovetail the buyers. I mean, look at it from their perspective. They’re guaranteeing a large amount of money based on the assurance that the property the home buyer will use as collateral is really theirs,” Tacher concluded.

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