We've Been Checked, Have You? Welcome to the ULTIMATE Check-Up.

The ULTIMATE Check-Up was created to provide families and individuals a private and relaxed environment to openly discuss their family's financial situation.

Brentwood, CA, September 25, 2013 --(PR.com)-- A light bulb went off with the idea of the ULTIMATE check-up. "We have always wanted to find a way to open our doors to new families who have questions, any questions really, relative to their financial lives, and ensure that they were safely out of the line of the 'sales fire'," states Jadine Hodgen, co-founder of the ULTIMATE check-up. "I see this as an opportunity for people to come in and meet with some of the smartest service providers we know, and simply be able to get questions answered without the worry of being sold to."

Matthew Hodgen, the other co-founder of the ULTIMATE check-up, put it this way, "We all have people, advisors and partners who we have worked with for many years, and along the way, questions have surfaced which we were unable to get answered. Maybe we were too afraid to ask or maybe we didn't know the right questions to be asking, but in any case, we had a void. Jadine and I built the ULTIMATE check-up to facilitate those exact conversations. Financial providers ranging from industries like insurance, banking, medicare, investment/budget management will all be on hand throughout the day to answer questions and provide you a detailed view into the most crucial areas of your financial life. We wanted this check-up to be as in-depth and necessary as a full medical exam, and thus the ULTIMATE check-up was born."

As a participant you will be taken through a detailed financial review and prior to your appointment, each provider will research the information you provide so during the meeting, less time will be spent in discovery to maximize every session. Your full check-up will last between 2 - 2.5 hours, with roughly 30 minutes to be spent with each professional.

The ULTIMATE check-up is encouraging early registration for their upcoming November dates (14th, 15th and 16th) at 100 Cortona Way, suite #130, Brentwood CA 94513.
the ULTIMATE check-up
Matthew or Jadine Hodgen