LIMAC Launches Vision System, Digital Print-to-Cut, and Knife Cutting System

LIMAC officially launches the vision system, knife cutting system on cnc router machines, which makes LIMAC the first and only chinese company that offers digital print-to-cut work flow and contour cutting solution in China.

New York, NY, September 26, 2013 --( LIMAC officially launches knife cutting system which includes tangential knife, oscillating knife and creasing wheel, for cutting and creasing soft and semi-rigid materials. This gives a new solution for customers in sign, graphic arts, printing, visual communication, packaging, shoe/leather goods, furniture/car upholstery, apparel, and pattern sample businesses.

When integrated with LIMAC digital camera registration system, the cutting machine makes your print-and-cut workflow process completely automatic.

The knife cutting system can also be integrated with LIMAC router machines so that one machine can cut soft, semi-rigid and hard materials from paper vinyl to wood to aluminum.

LIMAC is the first and as yet the only Chinese CNC router manufacturer in the present market that offers a flatbed Knife cutting system and digital registration solution. With rigid frame, advanced industrial motion control system and a vast range of sizes to choose from,the LIMAC knife cutting system offers machines with more advanced features to the market to meet the ever-growing need of knife cutting machine.

LIMAC Knife Options include:
- Tangential drag knife
- Oscillating knife
- Kiss cut
- Crease
- Raster Braille

Materials & applications include:
- Foil
- Gasket Materials
- Cork
- Single-ply Cloth/Fabric
- Vinyl Veneers
- Carpet
- Sealing material
- Leather Goods
- Foam core
- Rubber
- Honeycomb Cardboard
- Corrugated Cardboard
- Plastic
- Composites
- Felt
- Masking Film
- Reflective Materials
- Perforated Vinyl
- Decorative Vinyl
- Wrapped Spherical Sign
- Vehicle Graphics
- Sandblast Stencil
- Cardboard of all types
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