Remarkable Offer for All-Natural, 100% Organic Argan Oil - Kandala's Grand Product Introduction

Kandala offers a 40% voucher for the purchase of one bottle Pure and Organic Argan Oil.

Boulder, CO, September 26, 2013 --( Kandala, a health and beauty products company that focuses on offering natural beauty products, is now introducing its 100% natural Argan Oil.

Kandala Argan Oil consists of all-natural, pure argan oil directly imported from Morocco, and is of the purest quality. No fragrances, preservatives, sulfates or alcohol are added to this product and it is not tested on animals.

Many people have actually already found out about the tremendous benefits of argan oil for skin, hair and nail care. Argan oil is rich in elements that are extremely valuable and necessary for our personal care:
Vital unsaturated fatty acids such as Omega 3 and 6.
Anti-oxidants which shield the skin as well as your hair from UV radiation and help fight free radicals that lead to the skin to age.
Anti-microbial elements helpful for problems with dandruff, acne or psoriasis.

These all-natural substances, several of which the body has to either ingest or absorb via the skin as it can not create them on its own, are just what makes argan oil such a great beauty product. Argan oil uses are numerous:
Great moisturizer for skin, hair, body, and nails.
Preserves the skin's natural balance of hydration.
Strengthens and nourishes hair, helps with split ends.
Helps alleviate dandruff.
Strenghtens and moisturizes nails.
Aids in diminishing the appearance of skin blemishes from acne or psoriasis.
Lowers the severity of acne episodes.

Kandala is celebrating the introduction of its most recent beauty product by offering a 40% rebate. "We believe in our product and fully intend to share our excitement with consumers and offer them the possibility to purchase our Argan Oil at a lower cost," states Toni Simmons from Kandala. She expects this product to come to be a massive success.

The discount coupon code is GSASLFHP and will be valid for 3 days only: from September 25 to September 27, 2013, as long as supplies last. This special offer Kanala Argan Oil will be available on Amazon:
Toni Simmons
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