Trim Fit, Llc Launches New Fitness Product to Tone Your Trouble Spots and Trim Your Booty

Wilmington, NC, September 26, 2013 --( Trim Fit, LLC a Wilmington, North Carolina based company, geared toward providing quality fitness products to help women lead healthier lives, announced today the launch of a new product called TRIMbooty, designed to tone a woman’s trouble spots twice as fast as traditional exercises*.

Ike Kinlaw, founder of Trim Fit, LLC, created TRIMbooty to allow women to isolate and tone their trouble spots faster while utilizing low-impact resistance to minimize stress on their joints. “Creating a fitness product that performed better than traditional squats or lunges and allowed women to exercise pain-free, seemed like a natural progression to help women get fit and healthy,” stated Kinlaw.

Knee arthritis is becoming so prevalent that it is estimated that two thirds of all knee replacements in the United States are done on women. In addition, women account for more than 60% of all total diagnosed cases of arthritis. With these statistics, it is even more important to find new alternatives to conventional exercise that do not contribute to joint destruction and arthritis.

Kinlaw explained that, “Low impact exercise is the future of the fitness industry as we move towards the trend of pain-free aging.” The generation of baby boomers is responsible to a large degree in creating new sectors throughout all facets of the wellness industry. Low-impact exercises promote blood flow to decrease inflammation in muscles and joints while simultaneously strengthening the pelvis and spinal stabilizing muscles increasing functional health.

Teresa, a mother of two and just one of the many women who suffer from chronic knee arthritis tried TRIMbooty for the first time this year and was pleasantly surprised at the benefits it had to offer. “I think it’s fantastic, you can feel it tighten your core and lower glutes without any stress on your upper body. I can’t think of any age group that TRIMbooty would not be appropriate for.”

Pilates is known to activate the core muscles while toning and strengthening the glutes and thighs while Nautilus machines isolate the desired muscle groups providing light resistance in a controlled manner. TRIMbooty allows you to combine the benefits of both methods by providing superior muscle activation while simultaneously minimizing unnecessary stress on the joints. An independent study found that TRIMbooty generated up to 119% more muscle activity than squats or lunges in the glutes and hamstrings allowing women to tone their trouble spots twice as fast as traditional exercises.

The average TRIMbooty workout takes just 5 minutes according to TRIMbooty’s Trouble Spot Trainer DVD. “I am a busy mom and barely and have any free time. I think TRIMbooty is awesome. I could feel it all through my abs right away, the whole time,” said Beth, a working mom and TRIMbooty user.

About TRIMbooty
TRIMbooty was created by Ike Kinlaw, a university-trained exercise physiologist. TRIMbooty was initially meant to be used as a safe replacement for lunges to target the glutes and thighs without stressing the knees. TRIMbooty can now be used to tone all of the common trouble spots that most women struggle to maintain including the thighs, butt, arms, stomach, and hips. For more information, to review the results of our sponsored study, *"EMG Activity Comparison of TRIMbooty vs traditional squats and lunges", or how to order TRIMbooty visit
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